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matilda!做REVIEW ,唔該幫幫我!

1.who plays those characters on the movie?呢句我唔識解!同埋教我寫!THZ

2.what is the movie about? (about 30 wordsabout the story of the movie )

3.what do you think of the costumes,the music,the make upand the special effects?

4.what is your favourite part of the movie?我想寫miss trunchbull 被matilda用超能力係黑板上的字嚇親,以為鬥鬼,跟住最尾幫番miss honey 拎番間屋,但我唔識點瞬英文寫,唔該幫下我, 最少50words ,THZ!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The film version is more active and visually impressive than the book. Some plot points are shortened or removed, while new details and action sequences are added. Miss Honey's poverty is not addressed; she lives fairly comfortably in her small cottage and is not mentioned to be paying money to Trunchbull, though the way she is dominated by her aunt at school suggests some kind of indentured servitude arrangement. The parrot prank is removed. Matilda is briefly locked in The Chokey, only described in the book, and Trunchbull's mansion undergoes two expeditions with their share of narrow escapes. Appropriately, the book goes into much greater detail about the benefits of books and even gives a list of the classical works Matilda reads. It also shows how advanced Matilda is, representing her an excellent cook.

    The film is modernised and Americanised as a retelling: for instance, it takes place in the United States instead of the United Kingdom, Lavender is black (dark-skinned people being missing in the book), and a boy is thrown out the window for eating M&M's in a literature class instead of Liquorice Allsorts during a Bible study class.

    Smaller changes are those of ages, TV programmes and the like, and Matilda's brother is turned from a more-or-less ordinary boy to a bullying, overweight idiot after his father, while their mother shows some humanity by giving her daughter away because she's better suited for a life with Miss Honey - but "some" only compared to the book, where both parents drop their daughter like a rock. Trunchbull's violence to children is also slightly mitigated. When Miss Trunchbull hurls a pigtailed girl over the fence, the girl lands safely gathering flowers for class, thanks to Matilda's powers. In the book version, she lands flat on her face and is hurt.

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