Are new unsharpened hockey skates suitable to skate on?

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I just got some new skates for my birthday just from duhnams and i am wondering if they will work all right. Or if you know a place near milwaukee, wi that sharpens skates that would more
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Well, hello neighbor! :) I would not skate on new blades. Right out of the box, they need to be sharpened, otherwise you'll have a hard time keeping your feet under you. It'll be like Bambi and Thumper on the ice! I really don't suggest getting skates sharpened at any of the area rinks here. As a former employee of one of them, the people (who are all near and dear to my heart) who do it most often don't know a thing about skating, have very little training on the sharpener and are working with machines that are as old as dirt. I'd suggest either going to the Hockey Locker which is on 20th/Howard (next to Maverick's bar, just about across the street from Wilson Park) in Milwaukee or Rainbo Sports, located inside Pettit. They're trained people who are actually know about blades and have better equipment than most rinks. Good luck and hope to see you on the ice! :)
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  • Kristen answered 6 years ago
    Don't skate on unsharpened ice skates, you'll just fall a lot. I've dulled my own blades before (long story), didn't sharpen them before a game, and sure regretted it. Like someone else said, unless they're goalie skates since you just slide around on those anyway, but I think you would have mentioned that they're goalie skates. So get them sharpened!
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  • Mr. Mack answered 6 years ago
    if you're a goalie, sure! Otherwise you'll just slide around alot. It won't damage the blades, you just won't get anywhere near the same amount of control as usual. get em sharpened before you use em. it should only take a few minutes if you can get the guy to do em on the spot
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  • George B answered 6 years ago
    New skates usually have flat blades. Performance skate blades are "hollow ground," meaning the center of the blade is slightly recessed, and the edges sharper than new blades.
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  • million$gon answered 6 years ago
    you might be prone to stumble more with freshly sharpened skates, especially if you're not used to these ones yet. Try them as they are first.
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  • Ferocious Love answered 6 years ago
    I took my brand new hockey skates out in front of a crowd of more than 2,000 and promptly wiped out, I'd get them sharpened.
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