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How much is the annual salary of a catholic priest?

just asking.. 10 points for the best answer.

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    It depends on the Diocese or area he's in. In the south it's only around $16,000 for starters to about $22,000. Some have houses (rectories) and some churches give him a small amount to help pay for a place to live ($300-$400 a month). In the north (think Massachusetts or Detroit area) they're paid much better. It depends on how much money the churches take in on their Sunday offerings, etc. They are all on budgets.

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    Catholic Priest Salary

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    depends on the average of the area just like the same position in detroit is different then in san diego.... would you like to ask abut a specific area - you might get some more averages. suburbs of detroit -- about $30K a year plus their housing. now, don't forget they work 24/7 365.

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    It varies by diocese, but it is usually less than $20k. It is $18k in San Diego, California.

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    Not much, apparently. $30-50 thousand according to this website.

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    Basically the catholic church is like the mafia, all the money goes to the top. Actually it is a mafia, the worlds biggest, most influential and dangerous.

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