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microsoft office word 2007 helllp!!!?

i have a friend who just got a new dell with windows xp. it has m.s.officeword 2007. she's looking for the auto text and how to build the auto text dictionary. can't find it. anyone have any ideas? we've tried dell - what a bunch of idiots - and the m.s. web site, to no avail.

sorry if this isn't enough info. i'm just the messenger. any help you could give will be greatly appreciated.

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    you are right...that was a pain to find

    just spell a word wrong.

    i used juust

    then when the red line shows up underneatht the misspelled word...right click on it and autocorrect will be one of your options.

    there has to be an easier way.


    never mind that, i found it

    -click on the office button (the new circle on the top left)

    -click Word Options (bottom right of thewindow)

    - click proofing

    - click autocorrect options

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