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questions about online poultry hatcheries?

are there any hatcheries that let you buy a small order of chicks instead of having to buy like 25

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    Yes there is one here in Ohio that the minimum is 15

    It is called Mt.Healthy Hatchery

    They supply the Tractor Supply stores in the area I live in

    I have bought the chicks they are always healthy and hardy.

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    I know of 2 Hatcheries i have dealt with in Ohio; Mt. Healthy Hatcheries in Cincinnati. I have ordered from them for years and have always received great quality chicks and have received really friendly and professional service. They Will ship as few as 15 at a time. I also tried a new on line Hatchery called Healthy Chicks and More that will send orders as small as 10 chicks. I got a small order of Barred Rock Hens from them last year that are gorgeous. I will be ordering more chicks from both these companies. I hope this helps.

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    For generations my farming family has always bought baby chicks for a hatchery in Ohio Mt Healthy Hatcheries. Now that my kids are in 4H I am now also purchasing chicks from them in a much smaller order of 15 chicks and they are great. My neighbor buys a couple of chicks and ducks and they get them from Tractor supply and but I am told Mt Healthy hatcheries supply them with the birds.

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    I have ordered 15 chicks from in Ohio for the last couple of years and the chicks were outstanding . Chicks were delivered on time and all alive and health as promised. I had been ordering from a hatchery in Missouri they did not deliver on the date promised and always lost a few chicks.

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    Mt Healthy Hatcheries is a good place to order chicks and they will ship 15 - 25 chicks and I also just noticed you can order 10 chicks from I have order from both several time both have good service and healthy chicks.

    Good luck

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    There are several places to get small orders - most are 20 week old pullets however. has a whole section on where to get your pullets. Check it out!

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    tricky step. do a search with the search engines. that could help!

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