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COD4 double tap or stopping power on MP5 silenced?

If im using an MP5 with silencer, which is better in your opinion? Stopping Power or Double Tap?

I also like to hip fire alot, so i use steady aim.

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    Stopping power is really for when you are sniping from a tall building and you want to be able to shoot through a thicker wall, or maybe just longer range. You technically use less bullets, but that is only if every one of your bullets hit.

    Double tap means that you are firing double the bullets, and because an MP5 fires between 3-6 shells per burst of fire you are getting 6-12 bullets into your target, especially true if you like to use a steady aim. you technically use more bullets and will have to reload more often.

    The bullet argument is the only thing that would help me to move over to stopping power. I like to play a faster paced game with more emphasis on tactical assault, and sweeping around the enemy. more bullets help you achieve that goal faster. and I can see that you like to remain hidden because you have a silencer on your gun, but you like the fast paced of hip firing. I think that double tap is in your best interests.

    My guns are generally set up with Deep Impact/double tap, for that extra kick.

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    Play hard core team death match. Use the UAV jammer perk. Use a silenced AK-47. Use the Dead silence perk. Use a silenced M9 instead of a desert eagle. Use the Bandolier Perk. Not only do you walk silent, you shoot silent, your side arms is silent, and the UAV jammer perk will keep you from showing up on your enemies map. I say to play hardcore because it is more realistic and with you being " Silent and Stealthy" you can get more kills with the first surprise shot then with a loud gun on regular mode where they can see you on a map and you have to shoot each enemy 10 times.

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    i suggest you make different classes for to tryout, i always use damage, and extreme conditioning for perks 2 and 3, for perk 1 use claymore, this gun is good for high speed games like deathmatch or search and destroy, always on silence, to shoot longer distances i suggest you put the red dot

    if you have a ps3 add me big_nut_sax

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    Stopping power.

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    double tap

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    stopping power. u will kill them just as fast (in theory) but use less ammo.

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