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Favortism in Green Cheek conure?

My boyfriend and I have a 10 month old Green Cheek. He is mostly home during the daytime, while I work a fulltime 9-to-5 job during the weekdays. The last month, I noticed our Green Cheek does not want to come out of his cage for me, and will fluff up and lightly bite me. My boyfriend will then try it after I do, and our Green Cheek will happily hop right up on his finger with his feathers all normal and not fluffy. Also, the bird is in the living room where all the action is, and I try to interact with him as much as possible.

Does this mean my boyfriend is his favorite, and it is because he is home all day?

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    The bird will come around the more you are able to interact with it. Birds do choose favorites, yes, but where psittacines are concerned, even though they have a definite favorite, they still interact with everyone in the household who interacts with them, GIVEN TIME. My female eclectus is bonded to me -- a long and arduous process, since she was abused before we got her; she's only started letting my husband take her out of her cage in the last nine months, and we've had her three years. My whiteface cockatiel is bonded to me, but she still sits on my husband's shoulder quite happily and lets him take her out of the cage, but it took a year for her to get around to it. Our normal male cockatiel USED to be bonded to me, then he "rejected" me in favor of my husband, and I couldn't touch him for several months, but now he's friendly to me again (we've had both cockatiels for ten years.)

    Birds can take time...they can also just be silly: our mourning dove was raised by myself alone, but she's bonded to my husband and will never come to me -- UNLESS we're in the kitchen, then she's entirely loving with me. Bizzare little fuzzard...

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    Well, I Think That Your Bf Is Home Then You That Your Green Cheek Feels More Comfortable With Him Then You. It Is 'Cureable' Though. All You Have To Do Is On The Weekends Or Something Bring Home Some New Toys And You Personally Set The New Toys In The Green Cheeks Cage. After Doin This For A While, The Green Conure Should Warm Up To You, As Much As Your Bf Does.

    Hope I Helped

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    i have a red headed conure, and 2 eclectuses.

    and i know what you mean

    our one bird only likes my dad, and my other only likes my sister.

    this is becuase they are the ones who handle it most.

    so yes, it is favoring your boyfriend.

    but even though the bird tries to bite, you should talk to it every day, and try to handle it every day, no matter what.

    when the bird goes ot bite you, and you back down, you are showing that the bird is in charge, so it is going to keep doing that.

    so, just try to keep talking to it and handeling it every day, and it should eventuallly warm up to you.

    you can also try having your boyfriend picking up the bird, and passign it off to you, and see if that works.

    good luck!

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