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Islam FORCED on the UK?

Muslims want to build the largest Mosque in the western world right in front of the 2012 Olympic stadium, so when the world is watching, they get a huge symbol of an alien culture in their faces!

In Oxford, Muslims want to broadcast the call to prayer from a mosque across this historic city!!

Both the above are DELIBERATE attempts to force their presence & culture

Muslims are allowed to claim benefits for up to FOUR wives in UK.

Many want Sharia Law imposed in UK also! What is wrong with UK law?

They came to this country of their own free will, in the full knowledge that it was a secular/christian, western, democratic, socially liberal nation, with its own well established culture, social norms and values.

If they dont like this, cannot refrain from foisting their values and culture upon us, or cannot/will not adapt to our ways, and live within the accepted legal, social, cultural and political framework of Britain, then they should go elsewhere, and be sent by force if necessar


It should be remembered also that Islam is NOT simply a religion, it is also a Political System, a Legal System, a Culture, and all this is strictly applied and enforced, unbendingly within Islam!

Therefore, Islam is bound to clash with mainstream British Culture on every level....Politically, Legally, Socially, Theologically and Culturally.....and Islam is not open to question, it has to come First every time!

So should we give way to it, allow them to infringe upon our values, traditions, culture, history, values, way of life???

PS, IM only half british myself, this is NOT about race, muslims are NOT a race!

Update 2:

Kamran - Members of other religions in the 21st Century do not go to other countries, settle there, then FORCE their religion down the natives throats, and kick up merry hell when they dont get their way!!

Update 3:

Olivio - Iraq was traditionally a Secular country, all this Islamic sh1t is fairly new there and mostly carried out by foriegners like Kamrans friends.

Most of the people pushing this islamist crap in Britain are of Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Muslim Indian,Afghan, Somali, Eritrean, Moroccan or Algerian backgrounds.

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    I often wonder how it has come to this. Apart from the obvious threat of terrorism, what makes the UK kowtow, give in to, and bend over backwards to meet the continual demands of the Muslim culture. These demands are met, time and time again, yet they are still demanding more. They will never be satisfied until this country is turned over to them, and if that should happen then God help us all, not just in the UK, but in Europe as well. The majority of Muslims may not commit acts of terrorism,but they hardly go out of their way to protest about it or condemn it. Quite the opposite, they took to the streets of London in their tens of thousands to protest about some ridiculous cartoons that appeared in a Danish newspaper, spouting racial hatred and death threats. Islam is the biggest threat to western democracy, it has crept up on us without most people realising it, mainly due to political correctness (political ignorance in my book) and weak politicians.

    Message to Muslims: If you live in our country, you abide by our laws and respect our culture, freedom of democracy and our culture and values, if you are not prepared to do this, go to a country that will meet your demands in full, because this one won't. You will not impose your archaic beliefs and laws on the rest of us, a lot of people underestimate the threat that comes from Islam. The resolve of the British people will overcome this..

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    My views has always been live and let live but all this talk about Islam and other religions are causing people to hate each other i feel and this is only my opinion that English people are no longer allowed to say what they feel its classed as raciest but if i was Muslim or a religion like this i am allowed to say what ever i want we are not allowed to buy a bible as a Muslim re fussed to serve the person can you imagine the uproar if it we refused to sell the Koran as we were another religion it should work both ways i am so fed up of been a second class citizen i dont know about everyone else how many churches have been built in comparison to Mosques and just to mention i am not a christian,Buddhist,Muslim..i just think religion is causing so many problems and it has to stop....Trouble is Paul B you say they is less chance of attack if we are all mixed up with Muslims but they blow each other up anyway even th children and handicapped so they wont bother about blowing up us Brits its like a cult they are all brainwashed....I worked for a while doing my friends delivery round had to carry very heavey boxes of eggs to shops and other buisnesses hated going out to most these peopel they just watched me struggle and grined then argued over the price even though they knew the price before i droped then i ended up having to take them back ....They thought i would take less money so i wouldnt need to take them back....My point is can you imagine our men treating there women like that it would not happen also can you imagine the outcry...different standards again.

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    We are a secular country and we should be proud that we've managed to keep politics and religion seperate. We should never allow anyone to take that from us. If someone wants to live under Sharia Law then there are many countries they can move to for that.

    We need to stop pandering to certain ethnic groups and make it clear it's one rule for all and, if you don't like that then tough. Move or deal with it. That goes for Muslims who think they can claim benefits for four wives as well as Catholics who think they have the right to ban gay adoptions.

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    If that mosque gets permission to be where they want it, we Brits should kick up a stink. I bet they wouldnt allow a church there.

    I have heard the cries for prayers when i was in Egypt, it is extremely loud, and should be checked for the decibels. Of course in Egypt that is there religion and no one had a problem with it. But we didnt have to live with it day in and day out.

    Kamran..........once again you cannot ANSWER a question. do you understand the meaning of ANSWER?

    wikiedia says............An answer (derived from and, against, and the same root as swear) was originally a solemn assertion in opposition to some one or something, and thus generally any counter-statement or defence, a reply to a question or objection, or a correct solution of a problem.

    Kamran...forget it.....if you dont understand the concept of an answer you wont make head nor tail of that!!

    Anchor cranker, where about in Scotland do you live. I'm Scottish and i have never noticed any more arguements between prot and caths than in any other country. plenty slagging off the bombers tho. they tried it in Glasgow and soon got what they didn't bargain for. John Smeaton and the rest of the Scots who kicked them into par.

    Ditto.....PMSL....cracker!! he's probably still sitting there thinking about it.

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    You are totally right. I respect everyone's right to worship as they please but I do not understand why the British Muslim community is constantly demanding that their 'rights' should be given priority over everyone else's.

    I myself am only a second generation immigrant to the UK, so I am certainly not against having a lovely and diverse cultural mix in the country. But why is Islam always treated with such deference when compared to other minority religions in the UK?

    Female Muslim doctors and nurses and patients now have special uniforms they can wear - how is it the cash-strapped NHS can find money for this but NOT enough money to spend on vital life-saving drugs and keeping hospitals clean???

    I would be protesting if ANY religion was trying to hijack Britain; it's not because it's Islam.

    Is the UK going to become a de facto Islamic state? It sure seems to be headed in that direction...

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    I have to agree that Islamic fundamentals are being enforced upon us. But the people running the country need to stand up for us and say no. That's what they're there to do.

    I don't mind the fact that people want to practice religion whether it be Muslim, Catholicism, Christianity, Buddhism or whatever. All i ask is don't force it upon me or my children and don't restrict my rights and views because of it. I'm sick of being treated as a second class citizen in my own country and I'm fed up at not being able to voice my opinion on it just in case it "offends" someone. People from a certain religion seem perfectly free to say what they want about us westerners and that suicide bombing are applauded and killing of our troops is welcomed. When will our own government realise that the people who want to come here should conform to our way of life and not the other way round. I'm all for embracing different cultures but come on, i never saw this happen when Asians started to come to these shores. Same said for people that came from the Caribbean and east Asia.

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    That's a crock. Of shite the uk has always had a healthy religious divide Church of England scotland catholic Protestant we even got religious divides in soccer teams

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    Do muslims say that they are the true christian faith, if so why aren't our christian churches not good enough to use. they'd do better spending they're money on the starving people of the world instead of paying out and building more mosques. their are people starving and dieing and all they think about is building

    And kamran we were also born here and so were a lot of people.

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    absolute ridiculous

    we have such buildings in birmingham

    one was even called the saddam hussein mosque

    there is plenty of land available in muslim countries for such buildings

    or can we wait until they build a huge cathedral in dubai or saudi arabia.....or maybe when hell freezes over


    kamran - not an answer (again) just a knee jerk attack

    like it or not many people would not be too happy to have this building or sharia law - the laws of this country should be obeyed ....


    we were too kamran, and we have rights to our opinions and we may not want what you want, and we should be able to say so without incurring a rant or two

    edit - ditto lol

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    Why do you equate Calls to Prayers and a mosque being built with Islam being forced on you? Your argument isn't at all rational. I only heard calls to prayers last week and I haven't turned into a Muslim.

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