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University of Arkansas or Arkansas State University?

Forgive my ignorance on this but are these the same schools? I have heard of the Arkansas Indians and Razorbacks. I plan on moving out to AR and would like to enroll in a university. Also, does anyone know the semester starts and ends at these schools? I have limited internet access here. Thanks!

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    It makes no sense to go to Arkansas State. Jonesboro, Arkansas is where Arkansas State is and it is in the middle of nowhere. The University of Arkansas is in Fayetteville, Arkansas right in the middle of one of the fastest growing communities in America. Home to Wal Mart, JB Hunt, and lots of other companies, there are any job opportunities in the area. It is also physically beautiful with mountains, lakes, and rivers everywhere.

    The university is on the rise as well. The business school is massively funded by the Waltons and is attracting some great professors and has some insane technology. It is underrated as a business school. School pride and athletics are also not even a contest between those schools. The Razorbacks are the most popular team in the state, there are no professional teams so almost everyone is a fan.

    I could go on, but you get the point. Sure you can save some money by going to ASU, but I think you'll regret it.

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    They are different schools. Both are public schools with the state university having fees of about 3k for residents and twice that for non residents. Arkansas University has fees twice that again. IMHO go to the cheapest one for undergraduate studies, any competent state run university gives a solid reliable education. You might like to investigate rankings for postgraduate study - but personally I wouldn't bother. However a reasonable case can be made to spend the extra money on a highly ranked university for postgraduate work.



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