potty training?

what is a fast and easy way to potty train my 3 year toddler?

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    For boys, I think standing to pee really helps. They can watch themselves and gain control of their bladder. A great stool takes away any fear or hesitation and really smooths out the process. http://www.amazon.com/Elite-Child-Corporation-TPS-...

    For #2, toilet paper over the water in the toilet will prevent a splash that can scare a toddler.

    Hope this helps!

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    Do not use underwear until the kid is doing well at potty training...it only complicates the process when it is time to go.

    The same is true of pull up diapers, which only confuse the kid that is okay to go in the diaper and then take it off after.

    What worked well for me and my son, we committed to staying at home for a few days (you may want to try on the weekend if you work) and letting him roam without any underwear/diaper/pants on. We kept a good eye on him for signs that he might need to go soon, i'm sure your kid already shows signs but you just need to pay attention to them. And ask them, every so often if they need to go potty. Sitting them on the potty sometimes doesn't hurt either, i used to take him in there to sit when i had to go too. Familiarity helps.

    Peeing was easy for my son, but to poo he liked to go into a secret place (our closet) to do his squatting. So when it came time to poo in the potty seat, we took it into the closet, then let him have his peace and when he was done we flushed together. Just dont leave for too long...they'll end up playing with the poo!

    Oh yeah, we bought him his own little chair because the big potty is hard to stay on and a bit scary for kids starting to train.

    We did have our share of accident pees on the carpet, but it can all be cleaned up and spills help the kid understand what happens when they don't make it to the potty on time.

    Dont be discouraged when they ask for the diapie back, just dont give in! 3 years old is plenty smart enough to learn.

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  • 1 decade ago

    okay heres how i taught my son who is almost two first i put him on his potty with clothes on and told him pee and poo in the potty and i showed him how mommy goes then every time before baths i put him on his potty turn the water on and tell him pee in your potty if he started to go id say yay really load so he knew he did good i did that for a month or two then id let him run around with no diaper on and when i seen him get ready to go on the floor id say no no pee pee in your potty and took him and sat him on it and said now pee pee in your potty or poo poo whatever he was trying to do then i put him in his diaper for bed i was consistent and now he is using his potty more and more by himself just make sure you dont spank or yell if they try to go on the floor or in their pants alot of kids like bad attention over good so try to keep a positive out look it worked for me hope i could help good luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    I just went through it and the only thing that worked was to leave him in his underwear all day. Accidents did happen but by day 3 he was going on his own. Don't use pull ups, as long as they know they can still pee and poop on them they'll keep doing it. Good luck!

    Source(s): Mom of a 3 yr. old.
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    when you are devoted to training only put diapers on for bedtime and keep them in underwear all day no diapers it just confuses them, take them for lots of trips to the washroom to see if they have to go, limit drinks and stick to it , the trick is for them to like being dry so they wont go in thier pants they say a child that is ready to train should train in two weeks tops, and you do have to expect the odd accident

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