What was the house you grew up in like? Who lived with you? What was your neighborhood like?

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    1 decade ago
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    I grew up in a small three storey terrace. The neighbourhood was good. I could walk to school and the play park was across the road from where I lived.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I grew up in a weird place in south west London right near the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club, our side of the street was huge family homes with Mercedes and Volvos parked outside and on the other was a large council estate. The very wealthy and the very poor live side by side but the targeted crime level is very low. The house was I suppose far to big for me, my parents and a small rabbit!

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    The house I grew up in, was very homey,comfortable,and I loved it!!

    I lived with my mom,and dad. When I was 7 my dad's mom came tp live with us. She was a very bitter and mean old woman...but that did not spoil my childhood or life.

    I had a really great life! My parents were the best ever!

    My neighborhood was a typical middle class one. We had a nice family neighborhood..with neighbors we knew and helped each ther. It was awesome!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It was a beautiful house. Surrounded by well-tended gardens. There was a lawn to the south, with roses in a small border between the steps that lead to it. Behind it, loads of shrubs and trees, squirrels and wild birds and at night, foxes too.

    The west side was mostly fruit trees; plums, apples and gooseberry bushes. Beneath them, spring bulbs added magic and colour every year.

    The north side had a lawn too, but its borders were a semi-circle and full of shrubbery and Pine trees and Rowans. Shade loving flowers flourished there.

    In the centre of the lawn was a huge conifer; I don't know its name, but my Dad decorated it with coloured bulbs every Christmas.

    The east side had a vegetable patch. It terminated against our neighbour's garage, which had a red-brick wall. Raspberries, my favourite fruit, grew against the length of the wall.

    My family grew herbs such as sorrel and parsley, and potatoes and radishes. I can't remember what others.

    I do remember that the strawberries grew all over the place and we would pick them all summer long.

    My parents lived with me. My sister was at university and only lived there for a year or two after we moved in. And we had a black cat, called Kiji Maji and a tortoise called Centurion.

    My neighbourhood was quiet; not many kids my age to play with. Lots of car-free roads to explore on my bicycle. Very safe and clean.

    Ah! That felt nice; to remember all that.

    Thanks for asking.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Much the same as D above. 3-story brick terraced house in a cul de sac with a park right opposite on the edge of a small market town in the West Country. Nobody locked their doors. It was just me, my parents, the budgie and the cat. Great neighbourhood with friendly lovely people and loads of other kids to play with - plus family close by. Idyllic. The good old days or is it just rose tinted glasses?

  • 1 decade ago

    A very good evening to you SKYCAT, :-)

    I Hope today finds you well :-)

    I grew up in a realy nice house with beautiful gardens,

    My parents loved the gardens we had play area.

    a area where my mom had her plants,

    and a big veg patch that dad grew all our fresh veg apple trees strawberrys a green house for tomatoes and cuccumbers letuces,

    Christmas time was hectic, mom and dad always done the house up like santas groto :-) all us kids in the neighbourhood would all go carol singing, did we have fun? everything we did was fun.

    None of us ever got in trouble with the law we all knew how to be respectful to each other and others, any one who was in need everyone would rally round even us kids,

    Them days we didnt need to lock doors everyone was always in and out each others houses adults popping in for a cupa, kids staying over at each others houses for the night.

    we had good neighbours on one side was an elderly couple i remember to they died the other was a family that i became best friends with one of the boys well we grew up together from a young age.

    But the whole neighbourhood was realy friendly and i made many friends, then my now hubby came one of our neighbours when he moved in with his family that was 23 years ago when i was just 15.

    i lived here with my parents my brother and sister and lots of pets :-)

    Not everyone will know what im talking about here but we had a big massive party for the silver jubilee.

    something that often happened in our neighbourhood always a party for something, i loved getting invited to partys even to the older kids partys thats how close the community was them days. :-)

    I would definatly say they were the good old days 100%


  • Tinker
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    1 decade ago

    I grew up in a care home in Halifax West Yorkshire..There were 23 of us in there, the house was huge as were the grounds..The neighborhood was quiet and still is as far as I know......

    Times have changed a little then Shaggy, mores the pity..

  • 2D
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    1 decade ago

    I grew up in my grandparents home. The house is close to a hundred years old now. I lived with my father and grandparents in a little place called Coon, LA. It was out in the country and I grew up on 40 acres of land. I absolutely love it out there. 2D

  • 1 decade ago

    I grew up in the same house my parent's live in today.

    The neighborhood was full of kids around my age, so we all had a lot of fun. Playing war (boys against girls).. Capture the Flag (boys against girls).. Rollerblading.. Starting clubs in our clubhouses.. Having races.. Walking to the candy store. It was quite fun, but of course it all ended when the street lights came on.

    I lived with my mom, dad, and for a couple years, brother. We moved here when I was in 2nd grade. 3bd/2bath. 1 story. Great, clean neighborhood.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Four bed-roomed, terrace house, eight of us kids and our parents. Was noisy, but homely. Neighbours were very nice. We were the smallest family on the road believe it or not. Some of them had 10.12 or more kids. We always had somebody to play with and in the summertime the adults came out and played skipping and ball and that with us. It was good actually even though we didn't have much money but that didn't seem to matter cos nobody did.

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