help tps sensor is broken... .?

got a 95 gsr tps is broken, heard i can use the civic's from a 92-95 ex. but have to drill out the revits. then i heard there are different frequencies, and would have to find the right one by adjusting... so ....WHATT ?? and how ?? kinda like a distributor, like finding the right timing or wat ?? hahahah

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  • 1 decade ago
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    the throttle position sensor is a potentiometer that uses a metal sliding needle coupled to the throttle shaft that moves along a variable resistance scale to vary the voltage returned through the sensor back to the control unit.

    you should be able to use the civic tps. There is no "frequency" to match as the sensor is mechanical in operation. You do need to adjust the sensor so that the PCM knows where idle is and where wide open throttle is. you can do that with a digital volt meter.

    at idle the output of the sensor should be about 0.5 v. At wide open throttle it should be about 4.5v. you can rotate the TPS housing to adjust it to the right voltage range then tighten the bolts to the throttle body down to lock it in place

    hope that answers your question

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