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美國的 Federal Income Tax!!

請問有那人在美國修過 Federal Income Tax 這門課嗎?

我最近要寫老師發的 reasearch paper,但毫無頭緖該如何開始~

學校有 Law Library,資料很多,但不知道該怎麼寫?



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  • 1 decade ago
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    我雖然只是在美國讀書的高中生,但其實我這一整年上的是美國歷史,不要以為使簡單的歷史課,在美國待久的人的知道,在美果高中有 AP(Avanced Placement) 的課(考過了就可以拿大學學分), 希望我可以用我有限的知識來幫助您。

    首先,要先了解這個 Federal Income Taxes 的來源


    The bond deal stirred up a storm. The Wall Street ogre, especialy in the eyes of the silverites and other debtors, symbolized all that was wicked and grasping in American politics. Prdsident Clevenland's secretive dealings withe the mighty "Jupiter" Morgan were savagely condemned as a "sellout" of the national government. But Cleveland was certain that he had done no wrong. Sawcastically denying that he was " Morgan's errand boy", Cleveland asserted, "Withour shame and withour repentance I confess my share of the guilt.

    Clevelans suffered further embarrassment withe the passage of the Wilson-Gorman Tariff in 1894. The Democrats had pledged to lower tariffs, but by the time their tariff bill made it through Congress, it had been so loaded with special-interest protection that is made scarcely a dent in the high Mckinley Tariff rates. An our raged Cleveland grudingly allsoed the bill, which also contained a 2 percent tax on incomes over $4000, to become law withouf his signature. when the Supreme Court stuck down the income-tax provision in 1895*, the Populists and other disaffected groups found proof that the courts were noly the toolsof the plutocrats.

    *It violated the "diect tax" clause. The Sixteenth Amendment to the Constutution, adopted in 1913, permitted and income tax.

    你可以從 Congress 何時通過,某某某又反對,當時的總統又是誰(Cleveland) ..........



    PS 因為我打的有一點快(雖然在過年,和你一樣也不能放假,我還有功課要做)所以有字看不懂的話留言給我,或需要簡單的翻譯也行。

    May you have a happy Chinese New Year!!!!

    Do well in school, and your research paper, show the Prouds of Taiwan!!


    Source(s): Avanced Placement Thirteenth Editeenth ”the American Pageant”
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