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有關visionary company的翻譯句子!!急!!

Visionary companies are premier institutions-the crown jewels-in their industries, widely admired by their peers and having a long track record of making a significant impact on the world around them. The key point is that a visionary company is an organization-an institution.

麻煩大大幫我解釋一下visionary company是什麼意思!!



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    In other words, they are the best of the best.

    The bottom line, however, is that visionary companies are never built by one man. Rather, they are premier institutions overall.

    "Am I built to last?" The main ideas in the book apply as much to the individual as they do to a business or a country. People often do not live long enough to pay the price, in dollars and cents, of lacking a coherent purpose and values. But in the ultimate currency—the currency of happiness—visionary people are the most successful. Only a visionary person—a person in possession of a clear sense of purpose, who subscribes to the primacy of reason over emotion, who is a first-hander—can build a life of lasting happiness.

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    visionary companies 是指有眼光,業中的先驅及佼佼者。 成就很受同業羡慕


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