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  • 1 decade ago
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    I don’t mind being confined to L.A. state prison


    cause I would drive with DUIs

    (因為我會酒醉駕車 註:DUI driving under the influence 酒醉駕車)

    I caused some collisions


    They tell me now that my appeal has been denied


    and that the sentence is now bona-fide


    How about a chill that won’t insult my civic pride


    like somewhere on the upper west side


    with a water slide


    oh no

    Even though they say I’m shady


    I’m really so refined


    I need a cleaning lady


    I can’t do time


    Robert Blake and OJ Simpson

    they both get off scot-free

    (Robert Blake and OJ Simpson 他們都獲判無罪了)

    (Robert Blake是著名演員 2004涉嫌多起謀殺案 但多次獲無罪 OJ Simpson是著名黑人美式足球運動員,1994年捲入殺妻案後,因起訴證據存有漏洞,令他無罪釋放)

    I drive without a license


    They throw the book right at me


    It sucks to the highest degree


    aah aah

    I went ape on a sex tape


    Guys are gaga


    I must make my jail escape


    I miss my Chihuahua


    My friend Nicole drove down that freeway the wrong way


    She’ll probably get parole and float away


    because she weighs, zero.


    Even though i caught the glamor


    even though my clothes are fab(fabulous)


    they throw me in the slammer


    Britney gets rehab(rehabilitation)


    They put me in the big house


    sounds like a movie pitch

    Paris goes up the river -

    ends up as somebody’s bitch

    They can’t do this to me, I’m rich.

    aah aah

    And now i am digging a ditch


    aah aah

    My roommate’s a woman named Mitch.


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