Matchups that get the adrenaline pumping?

What are the games that get your adrenaline pumping? The ones that you mark on the calendar and can't wait for.

For me, as an Avs fan, it's the Red Wings vs Avs, Stars vs. Avs and the Canucks vs. Avs.

Everytime those matchups are coming up, I'm pumped and anxious all day to see them.
Update: My problem is that I only get Altitude, so I can only see Avs games. I don't have NHL Center Ice or Versus, so the only time I get to see other teams is when NBC is covering them. I know I'm missing out on good rivalry games.
Update 2: I watch every game I can. Whether it's college hockey or pro. During the summer I have hockey withdrawal and I find myself hoping baseball players will go crazy and fight.
Update 3: Oh man, I tell ya the Blackhawks are exciting to watch. I forgot about them.
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