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Who can write me an essay about Russian Oppression of Chechnya? Thanks?

i need essay about Russian Oppression of Chechnya, I need help, thanks for all ur ideas

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    When the Soviet Union was collapsed then many of it's republics had wished to separate from Russia and Chechnya as well. It was at the first half of 1990th. The President Yeltsin gave them this chance at last,and Chechnya had separated.Then many of crimes and islamic fanatics (not traditional Islamic people!) were became to play the main role of a new Chechnya. Sponsored by some easten countries,they maked a few great terracts on the russian territory,it was real horrible! They'd blown up multi-storey houses with innocent sleeping people in. They did it at the nights. They'd started to abduct the russians and sold them out as a slaves to Chechnya villages.They'd maked a great terract in one of the moscow's theatres.They'd maked a terract in Beslan school and many children were perished.And it's only their most known crimes.

    When mr.Putin had became the Russia's President the situation had changed and the russian army had started the war actions against the terrorists.

    It was very hard to fight them 'cause they were hided by forests and mountains,besides they had a regular help from some easten countries. They supplied them with weapons,money and mercenaries. However, all the terrorists were destroyed and the peace had became to Chechnya at last.

    Then there was a referendum of the Chechnya people and they decided to stay with a Russia.

    In present days,Chechnya is peaceful and fast-developing republic.This is a true story in main.And don't believe your newspapers about any oppression of a Chechnya.

    There're only some forces in the West, which interested in bad Russia's image, might to say such bull ****.

    Have a nice day and sorry for my broken English =)

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    do it your self

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