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i'm writing a paper abotu the plague. should i capitalize the word Plague in every sentence no matter...?

how its used?


The Plague is a disease that is extracted from the bite of an Oriental rat flea. These fleas bite black rats infected with the bacteria Yersina Pestis.

As Daniel Defoe explained in his novel, A Journey of the Plague Years, the plague is a devastating disease that caused an epidemic in Europe by killing millions of people, causing corruption of the economy, altering the genre of literature, and affecting the personal lives of children and adults.

thanks for your intelligence

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    I think in that specific example, it should be capitalized, since it's "the" Plague, showing you're referring to the Black Plague, which has to be capitalized.

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    No, You would not need to capitalize the word unless you were referring to a novel, or a specific plague(such as the Black Plague)

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    If you are referencing the Black Plague then you need to capitalize Plague each time you use it.

    If you are referencing general plagues, leave it uncapitalized.

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    i'm not sure, but I think it's ok so leave it uncapitalized. If you're totally unsure, you could just write "the Black Plague," which is definitely capitalized

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    No. It isn't a proper noun.

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