There has been violence happen there in East Timor.Do you think ther has been Australia and USA interventions?

I am an East Timorese and I am being totally confused by what is happening there in my country right now. I do not know politic, all I know is that either USA or Australia intervenes in my country's political affair.

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    How can you not know whats going on in your own country dude?

    "Australian troops are trying to keep rival armed gangs apart in the streets of Dili after hours of chaos and shooting.

    Armed civilian gangs - from rival clans from the country's east and west - shot at each other with assault weapons and set building ablaze.

    The major, who asked not to be identified, said Australian soldiers were being frustrated by the hit-and-run tactics used by gang members, who were also looting.

    He said they were spreading terror among residents and using mobile phones to tip each other off about the whereabouts of Australian patrols."

    read the above - aussie troops are there on a peacekeeping mission, not to interfere with your countries politics cgi/view/Advice/East_Timor

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    1 decade ago

    Australian and troops from other countries have come to Dili to help the nation. They are simply there to make it a safer environment.

    The situation there at the moment is a lot better than it has been in the past and it seems to be quite stable. There hasnt been any reported violence for a while.

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