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Why did james jones not get selected as a three point shootout contestant?

Seriously c'mon now. I rather have a james jones than a daniel gibson or a peja at some points in the season.

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    James Jones has been great this season from 3pt land so far.

    He is third in 3pt %: 48.3%.

    However if you compare with Gibson and Peja, both of them are great as well. Gibson (46.9%) & Peja (46.2%) may shoot slightly lower percentage compare to James Jones however they actually made more 3pts/game this season. Peja (2.9/game) & Gibson (2.3/game) are higher than James Jones (1.7/game).

    However I do agree James Jones deserves to be in the contest instead of Kobe Bryant and Hamilton.

    Actually besides James Jones, Anthony Parker (49.2%; 1.9/game) deserves to be selected as well.

    I am not sure what is the criteria to select the contestants in a 3pt shootup however I believe 3pt % & 3pt made per game should be the factors to be considered.

    So Anthony Parker, James Jones, Rashard Lewis (3rd in 3pt made/game) should be considered.

    As mentioned by ball3r, James Jones has been injured so he could not participate anyway however Parker, Lewis should be considered instead of Hamilton (only 1 3pt/game) & Kobe (1.8 3pt/game but only 35.8%).

    May be they prefers big names like Kobe & Hamilton to give more attraction in this competition.

    However I still believe they should be a guideline in selecting the contestants. May be a combination formula between their 3pt % & 3pt made/game together with the defending champion like Kapono case.

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    I have nothing against James Jones and I know he can shoot the rock, but if you compare him statistically to Gibson or Peja, it really does not match up. The three point contest is usually based on stats.

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