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On world of warcraft, which race and class is best for PvP?

Including Dranei and Blood elf races. (I'm on the burning crusade.) And a short money guide would be good. *:D


I think the rogue is the best, a N Elf rogue, but I am also considering an Orc Shaman.

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    If you're looking purely for racial abilities, count NEs out, 1% dodge isn't going to help much in pvp. A shaman's burst damage in elemental gets a healthy boost from bloodrage (or whatever it was called).

    Generally Arms Warriors, Resto Druids, Holy Paladins, and Demo/Affliction locks are considered the most dreaded classes to fight.

    For a warrior you'd probably want to go Gnome on Alliance or Orc/Undead on horde. Taurens definitley have better racials, just in general, than NE, especially since you'll have Prowl to replace shadowmeld, so you'd want them for druids. There aren't many racials that help the paladin too much, you're looking at the human's +5% spirit (which'll help if you end up raiding), Dwarves' stoneform (which doesn't really help except against rogues, it can get rid of poisons including blind), and the BE's aoe silence (always useful, no matter your class), and Draeneis' HoT and aura (the aura's not too helpful in pvp, and the HoT will only be used once a fight), unless you plan on raiding too, go Draenei or BE in my opinion, but as things are expect to heal in PvP as a pally. For a lock you'd want a Gnome's escape artist and int boost over a human's spirit boost (unless you're like me and really like the Diplomacy bonus), and on horde Undead's WotF or orc's Bloodrage, which mostly helps in PvE for a lock, as it's not as beneficial for DoT spells. Hope that helps.

    Edit: Forgot the second question. As far as money goes, if you just go with two gathering professions (preferably taking skinning so you can track the other kind at al ltimes) and sell stacks of the gathered mats on the Auction House, you shouldn't really need too much more money than that'll get you. That's what I did last time I started on a new realm and I ended up buying my epic flyer as soon as I hit 70. I went Skinning/Mining, AH prices can vary but I usually ended up taking in ~70g per hour while leveling in outlands.

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    The best classes for pvp are the following:

    Frost mage

    Rogue (with mace spec)

    Hunter ( really annoying, dumbest class)

    And all i do for good money is runs some instances and get some rares and sell em for lotsa money.... also If ur a 70 rogue on the horde u can sneek into SW and get a white kitten and thats sells on AH for like a good 200g but if ur alliance a good 10g for the cat would go easily.... Its really whatcha like to do... Farming and getting EVERYTHING is a good way to get some money aswell but u gotta kno which mobs to farm off of

    i have a 64 druid named buckey on stonemaul and a 70 rogue there too

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    It matters what class you pick. Some people prefer some things for the classes and races together. Take my friend for instance, he made a night elf hunter so he could use Shadowmeld and his cat can prowl.

    Go to the character selection screen and look at the race specifics ( middle right hand side. )

    Also, i made money from disenchanting and selling the mats on the ah. ( 10 greens got me about 200g. )

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    Best Horde Race For Rogue

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    Best Race For Warlock

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    Undead Warlock or Rouge. Their racial is will of the forsaken, which can instantly get them out of any cc such as fear or charm, which happens alot in PvP. Short cooldown as well.

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    If you are going to a rouge-human would be better. Because of racial ability. The undead have good racial ability. If you do leather working u can do some of your own gear.

    Source(s): My son has 3 lvl 70's on wow, and play's it alot
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