Deductible waived= 100% not at fault (no negative note on record)?

I was in an accident and my insurance waived my deductible after getting my witnesses and my testimony (we both 100% believe the other guy is at fault). Does waiving the deductible mean my insurance is putting me not at fault and I wont get an "At fault accident" notation on my driving record?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Sounds like you both had the same company. If this is the case they usually waive the deductable for both parties. You need to question more to see how they coded it.

  • 1 decade ago

    That is correct.

    In other news, the dude above me has no idea whats hes talking about.

    FYI- i read your question below..... Your insurance company pretty much screwed themselves over... the should have NEVER waived your deductible until they knew the other carrier accepted liabiltiy..... usually companies will waive deductibles when they know they can get their money back from the at fault carrier- looks like yours jumped the gun here. Either that- or they are the most awesome company ever.

    Basically.. it seems like it was word vs word.. your carrier found the other guy at fault.... and put you not at fault. the other carrier found you at fault.. two insurance companies DO NOT have to agree on liabiltiy.

    When this happens both people just have to go through their own insuarnce and eventually the two companies will go to kind of an "insurance court" where a "judge" will determine actual liability. I hope i didnt lose ya there...

    So.. unfortunately for now your stuck paying rental.. give your company the bill.. adn they will try to fight for you in that "court" to get that paid back.. but there is no guarantee

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