Where can i 'buy' a prepaid, reloadable credit/debit card?

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i'm looking for something like a prepaid credit card, much like the ones you can get at the grocery store. but i'm looking for one where i can deposit as much as like, without ...show more
Update : looking for one i can purchase in a STORE.
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  • Jon K answered 6 years ago
They all have fees associated with them. They are sold at grocery stores, walgreens, wal mart, cvs. They all have ffes, some for using the card, some are monthly, it all depends. You can probably research the different types online, and find out about the fees, then decide which is best for you.
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  • rbchristiansen answered 6 years ago
    Go to http://www.bankfreedom.com and order theirs. I did, i came in two days and there is no activation fee and no monthly fee with direct deposit. They have a $10,000 limit. it is by far the best prepaid credit card out there today.
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  • Diane F answered 6 years ago
    I just got one from here http://www.easyprepaidvisa.com
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  • Paul Lien answered 6 years ago
    Definitely walmart. But only if it is really urgent. You don't want to waste your money.
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  • JPHoldem answered 6 years ago
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  • Jess C answered 6 years ago
    wal-mart, theres even a commercial for it.
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  • borntobefree answered 6 years ago
    walmart, i would guess
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