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I am trying to find words that has silent letters for each letter of the alphabet.?

For example Pneumonia has a silent P. I am trying to get one for each letter of the alphabet. I will of course take any repeats of letters but I want one.

The reason behind it is I am trying to pull a prank on someone because we often have to read the alphabet via the military alphabet to people over the phone. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc. I want to read him a silent alphabet and torture the hell out of him :)


Thanks for any help :)

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    a is silent in head, bread, deaf, meant

    b is silent in debt, lamb, bomb, tomb

    c is silent in muscle, blackguard, yacht, indict

    d is silent in Wednesday, handkerchief, handbag

    e is silent in pirate, more, have, give

    f is silent in stiff, cuff, scoff

    g is silent in gnaw, gnome, phlegm, straight

    h is silent in honour, heir, ghost, night

    i is silent in business, fashion, cushion

    k is silent in know, knee, knock, blackguard

    l is silent in talk, folk, salmon, colonel

    m is silent in mnemonic

    n is silent in hymn

    o is silent in leopard, jeopardy

    p is silent in psalm, pneumatic, cupboard, receipt

    q(u) is silent in lacquer

    r is silent in myrrh, catarrh

    s is silent in isle, aisle, viscount, mess

    t is silent in often, thistle, fasten, mortgage

    u is silent in build, guild, plague

    w is silent in whole, write, sword

    y is silent in prayer, mayor

    z is silent in rendezvous


    I don't think this can be done for every letter as first letter, but at least this should help.


    I like your idea. Enjoy responsibly ;)

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    If you want to be confusing on the phone, you don't necessarily need just silent letters. For example A could be Affect and E could be Effect. Also, B as in bog, c as in cog, d as in dog. Things like that.

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    Knitting, Knight, Tsunami, aisle, Gnaw, Honour, Phone

    Hope It Helps!

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