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Country Songs about Kentucky?

I am looking for songs about Kentucky any ideas?

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    "Kentucky" is one of the state songs (not the "official" state song, mind you -- that's "My Old Kentucky Home"). It was written by Karl Davis of Karl & Harty and has been performed by numerous acts including the Louvin Brothers (whose version I recommend with tremendous bias), the Whitstein Brothers, and the Blue Sky Boys.

    "The Kentuckian Song" has also been done by a number of people, but I associate it with Eddy Arnold (simply because his version was the version that I grew up with).

    "Kentucky Means Paradise" by Merle Travis (a Kentucky native) is a gem of a song.

    Other songs that reference Kentucky:

    "Eight More Miles to Louisville" - Grandpa Jones

    "Bowling Green" - Everly Brothers

    "Blue Kentucky Girl" - Loretta Lynn

    "Bus Fare to Kentucky" - Skeeter Davis

    "Rose of Old Kentucky" - Bill Monroe

    "Kentucky Waltz" - Bill Monroe (although Eddy Arnold does a marvelous version of this song)

    "Blue Moon of Kentucky" - Bill Monroe

    "My Old Kentucky Home (Turpentine and Dandelion Wine)" - Osborne Brothers (NOT the Stephen Foster song, mind you, but one written by Randy Newman)

    "Paradise" - John Prine (and numerous others, but Prine wrote it).

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    Kentucky waltz by Eddie Arnold

    Blue moon of Kentucky by Bill Monroe

    Blue Kentucky Girl by Loretta Lynn

    Cold Kentucky Rain by Elvis

    My old Kentucky home by Eddie Arnold

    Eight more miles to Louisville by Grand Pa Jones

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    Kentucky - by the Louvin Brothers and also sung by the Everly Brothers

    I'm going back to old Kentucky - by Bill Monroe

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    Kentucky Rain by Eddie Rabbit and sung by Elvis was the first that popped into my head.

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