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Bra experts please help me!!?

I am fairly small framed with a ample bosom ( but not huge).

I have, until recently, been wearing a 34D bra. It is comfortable and feels like it supports me. I then went to Harvey Nicholls where they measured me and she said I was a 30E! I tried on the bras and they felt way too tight. She said I needed more support so I instead went for a 32DD because the 32E had horrible thick straps etc. She said that was ok if it felt right...I bought it. Now it feels like my breasts are like im wearing a wonderbra and im not sure if it fits well. Ahhhh!. Is the 34D larger than a 32DD?? because it felt more comfortable or is the 32DD better support with same cup size as the 34D? I am very confused now. :(

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    34 D has a larger band size (what goes around your chest/back..)

    32DD has a smaller band size, thats probally why it feels better... because it fits better around you. better support :)

    I was wearing a 34B, then went to a 32D when measured.. .felt alot better ...

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    A 34D and a 32DD are actually the same VOLUME in the cup.

    Just also remember that bra sizes are not standardized, you could be a 34D in one bra and a 34DD in another bra.

    If you feel more comfortable in one bra and not the other, then use the more comfortable bra!

    Oh and DON'T go to victoria secret, they are horrible with sizing bigger girls correctly (bigger as in bigger than a C cup size girls).

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    There is very little difference in the two sizes. Most women do wear the incorrect size. You may want to go be measured by

    some one else to be sure - try Victoria's Secret.

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