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Is Emmanuel Steward moving Andy Lee too fast?

Manny steward has stated that Andy Lee will be champion by the end of 2008. He has him scheduled to fight Brian Vera from the Contender on March 21st, again fight on April 10th, fight former title contender Howard Eastman. Then after the Eastman fight he is planning to put Lee in the ring against Winky Wright at the end of this year, which would position Lee to fight for the title if he wins. Is it right for him at this moment to fight Wright and will wright take the challenge. I personally think it would be a good test for him against Eastman, but against Wright he might be in for more then he can handle.

Any other thoughts?

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    Lee had an extensive and very successful amateur career. He was already a well schooled boxer when he hooked up with Emanuel Steward and at 15-0 with 12 KO's he is certainly a rising star in the pro ranks. So far the biggest name on Lee's resume was a well past his prime Carl Daniels who won a junior middle weight title over a decade ago. Howard Eastman is another old timer with a very solid career record, but based on Howard's loss to Duddy, Eastman's vulnerable to the young guns like Lee. I think they are simply selling the name recognition Howard Eastman still enjoys in Britain and adding another respectable but declining old timer to Lee's record.

    Howard was very successful in Britain, and Andy Lee is huge in Ireland, so the fight sells itself there. Eastman is aging and wouldn't be able to keep up with the younger Lee, so is seems worth the risk and Eastman would be a great learning experience for Lee, a tough, respected veteran, but a fight Lee should win.

    Winky Wright is another matter, and Wink is a bad fight for anyone, especially a youngster. Andy Lee would have to elevate his game even more against Winky and it would be far and away Lee's toughest opponent if it happens. I agree with you, Wright would be asking a lot of Lee, and it would be a very risky and dangerous move for Lee to put him in the ring with Wink.

    That said, Emanuel is a better judge of talent that I, and if he thinks Lee is ready for the elite of the sport, who are we to question his judgment. But there is a big difference between old 154 lb. name fighters a decade past their prime like Daniels and Eastman and 168 lb. Winky Wright who currently contends all the way up to 175. That would be a big step for Andy.

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    whats his record and who has he fought ....i dont think Steward is moving him too fast but rather the publics interest in a White Champion....Brian Vera is hardly a fighter to be feared and if not for contender no one would know this guy...should be a tune fight for Lee...but i have noticed the Publics interest in Lee from stories on Espn to Comments by users like here....i think putting him in against an aging Winky would be a mistake because you have nothing to gain by beating him, since everyone else has and everything to lose by Losing to a Has Been fighter....but the public will want to see more of Lee, as do i, so lets see if he is going to be a great champion or Just another Great White Hope

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    with 3 fights scheduled between now and early april, it's unlikely that he will get 3 tough fights.

    wright at the end of the year may be too much too soon, but stewart won't over match him....we have to assume he knows what he's doing as he's being a top level trainer for a long time.

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