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What's a GOP?

Please don't mock me! ha. I have no idea what this means. Thanks!


this will probably get my question reported but oh well-- it should be "Grand Old Pr*cks!"

Thanks for answering all! :)

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    It's a nickname for the Republican Party in the US; meaning either Grand Old Party or Gallant Old Party.

    GOP History

    Origin of "GOP

    The National Republican Congressional Committee

    You are not alone in not know what GOP stands for:

    What Does 'GOP' Stand For?

    Major Newspaper Says It Believes Many People Don't Know

    NEW YORK, Dec. 3, 2002

    CBS News

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    Grand Old Party

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    1 decade ago

    Grand Ole Party

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    Grand Old Party - refers to the Republicans.

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    The Grand Old Party,aka the Republican Party of the USA

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    GOP is an old term created in the 1800's for the Republican (red) party. It stands for "Grand Old Party". You are not alone in not knowing what it means. In fact, some news and media outlets stopped using the term (I forgot which ones of the top of my head) because many people do not know what GOP really means. Hope this helps.

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    The republicans nick named they party Grand Old Party

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