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Sleep is such a waste of life?

has anyone ever thought of this too? if you think about it, on average with 8 hours of sleep, you waste 1/3 of your life sleeping! thats 30 years of sleep! thats alot of time to waste of this short life, just laying down doing nothing.

i know alot of people say " i love sleep" but if you think about it, you cant love something that your unaware of doing. you are not concious while asleep, so you love the feel of "falling asleep" and waking up which is no more then an hour at most.

Does anyone agree?

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    sleep is the cousin of death. I agree.

  • Susas
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    If you don't sleep, you feel like crap, so sleep is not a waste of time. Most people don't sleep enough, so they get sick and end up wasting a lot of money and time trying to cure illnesses which they would not have if they got more sleep. You are conscious when you sleep usually, but it is a different kind of consciousness. Sleep will make you more conscious and get more done when you are awake. The amount of sleep you need varies with the quality of sleep you get and your age. Certain drugs will increase the quality of sleep, so you will need less sleep. Needed sleep varies from 5 hours to 11 hours. Sleep is also slightly related to weight and height. Sleep is one of the most interesting psychology topics. Seven hours of sleep is usually enough for me.

    Leonardo di Vinci thought sleep was a waste of time and that might of been why he didn't complete most of his projects.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes, I agree. I actually tried polyphasic sleeping for a while to minimise that problem. I slept twenty minutes every four hours for about a week, at which point I gave up and slept for about seventeen hours straight. There are people who have made it work though. But it's not something I'd recommend if you have a job or any other responsibilities that might require you to not be exhausted for the month or so that it apparently takes to adjust.

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    Your thought and you measuring is not new ~ and I'm sorry, but although mathematically you are correct, physiologically and psychologically you are incorrect.

    Without the 'necessary' amount of sleep, human lifespan would decrease ~ DRAMATICALLY ~ simply through the sheer number of road traffic casualties, airline crashes and surgeons and anaesthetists plain mistakes and basic screws ups.

    Lack of sleep, for example, has caused nurses and doctors to administer both the wrong and FATAL doses of drugs. The results are experienced not just to the life of the deceased, but to their families etc.

    If (by some chance) you truly believe in what you are suggesting, then I hope my life is never reliant on your ability to stay awake (as selfish of me as this might seem to be) and alert ....or that of anyone else either.


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    At night when you sleep, it is the only time that your body and brain have of relaxing.

    If you think that sleep is a waste of life then try staying awake4 days then tell us what you think.

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    Sleep is a needed thing for the body to function; It's in reality; it's really not so much as a waste of time as eating dinner.

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    Sleep is a natural function. To think of it as a waste is to misunderstand it's importance and place in our lives. It isn't a WASTE of life...it's a PART of life.

    We're human BEINGS...not human DOINGS...It would get very monotonous if I had to fill ANOTHER eight hours up with activity and experience...16 hours is enough for me.

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    i think not sleeping is wasting of life. Because if you sleep less than you need you will get aged earlier.

    Beside sleeping is the time where the body and the mind heal themselves to continue another day freshened with new strength.

    after all we are humans.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    how do you know that dreaming isnt the part of life thats real, and the rest of it is just an illusion.... ;-)

    if you ask me, I'd much rather get to explore and experience new and strange things each night than work 40 hours a week... which one is the REAL waste? xD

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    No, I love a good restful nights sleep. What you are describing is some what the way a person who has bipolar may feel when they are up.They often will stay awake for days................working, then comes the crash! My son has this, he would stay awake all night and when I woke up in the morning he would have refinished the furniture or wallpapered the living room. He is better now that he is on medication.

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    lol i love to sleep. it's so vital to your health. it rejuvenates all of your processes both physical and mental. thats why if you don't get enough sleep you can't think clearly, are irritable, and are more easily prone to hallucinations and illness. don't we get into enough trouble being up the 2/3 of life we are up, lol. we'd probably just work longer and have more stress in our lives. our life spans would probably shorter. you can't just go go go without stopping and not pay for it.

    Source(s): grad student clinical counseling psychology
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