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Is it really worth putting premium grade petrol (98 ron+) in a high performance car? ie BMW M3, would it hurt?

would it hurt it in anyway to put regular unleaded in?

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    / There are some real goofy answers here, and obviously by people who have never driven a high performance car like an M3...

    Yes, you need high octane gasoline, and one of the best answerers suggested Shell V-Power (USA name) or Shell Velocity as it is called in some other countries. Since you called it 'petrol' I know you aren't in America.

    High compression ratio engines require premium fuel.

    Anything less, and you are paying for it in other ways (including kpg or mpg).

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    I have a '97 E36 M3 Evo and put nothing other than Tesco 99 super unleaded fuel in. Its not that I can't fuel up with 95 RON , its that I can genuinely tell the difference in responsiveness, acceleration and feedback when using a higher octane petrol. for 5p a litre more its a cost I am more than willing to pay.

    M3 not a performance car???!!! Tell that to the poor soul in a 57 plate R32 who learned otherwise yesterday ;-)

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    Using regular unleaded when premium is called for will not hurt the engine in the overwhelming majority of the cases since the cpu will retard the timing accordingly in order to avoid detonation and damage to the pistons and valves. The down side is a small loss of power (e.g. there is no free lunch). If you do spirited driving, then premium is recommended. I own 3 high performance cars and use premium in the supercharged Corvette and the Toyota Matrix XRS - with 11.5:1 compression - but have been using regular in the Ford Probe GT with no adverse results whatsoever.

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    In modern-day engines, the top rate gasoline (often called 'super' Unleaded or comparable) has a greater robust octane quantity. You get a soft enhance in MPG over the process the tank and a soft overall performance enhance too. the suggestions approximately pinking is in part ultimate, whether in modern-day automobiles it is not any longer an argument. easily, it fairly works out an identical in terms of cost over the process a tank. If i could have adequate money it, I placed severe octane gasoline in my vehicle, if i won't have the capacity to i do no longer difficulty. in case you do no longer know something approximately automobiles, the three maximum serious issues are: a million) do no longer force your vehicle problematic on an identical time as the engine is warming up. Takes approximately ten minutes - seem on the temp. gauge on your sprint. 2) continuously purchase the costliest oil you might have adequate money. 3) continuously examine your oil each month. in case you have a well-known vehicle (esp. German or jap), examine the oil usually and go uncomplicated on the grasp, it will go on for nicely over 150,000 miles a minimum of.

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    BMW M3 S series engine would require 93 RON (this is Road Octane number, the number used in US gas stations) so yes, premium is recommended to get full horse power out of the engine. However, if your engine is not chipped (performance chip to adjust the gas/air mixture, rpm, and other things to boost horse power) then you can safely use 92 RON (mid grade gas) as long as it does not cause engine knocking. I would also use premium for cars that are equipped with forced induction (Turbo or super charger)

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    Use premium. Yes the engine will run on regular. But that's only because the knock sensors are reducing the engine output to prevent knock. Mileage suffers. The manufacturer says use premium. Use it.

    Source(s): E46 M3 owner. I use Shell premium. I'd use Chevron if it was available in the Rocky Mountains. Shell gets me way better mileage than even premium from other stations.
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    Had a Vauxhall Carlton 1.8L as a company car for 60,000miles. In the engine compartment there was a plug which was supposed to determine whether you were running on 95 or 98 RON petrol (you inserted it into the socket one way or the other). In reality it did nothing to the performance or mileage whatever position it was in or what was in the tank.

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    "BMW M3 not a performance car any more" lolzz

    you sure about that clearly you havent driven one, or driven it to its limit.

    I would stick with the premium grade petrol with these kind off cars. Shell V POWER all the way

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    It says that on cars like that on the website, runs healthy on 91 premium grade, but 95 premium or higher for best performance. But, the price of 98 ron/prem is extremely high, so just use 91, 93, and if you can find it, 95.

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    Spark knock ping will damage the engine over time. Knock sensor hears ping and slows the spark timing down that makes the engine sluggish and not get as good fuel economy. Use the good stuff from a name brand fuel station.

    Source(s): Both of my cars use premium fuel...
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