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Is China making a pirated copy of the western world?


The U.S. trade representative claims that 90 percent of virtually every form of intellectual property in China is pirated. (Intellectual property includes copyrights on creative works such as music and software, patents on inventions and formulas, and trademark for logos.) China was the source of two-thirds of all counterfeit goods seized at U.S. ports in 2004.

U.S. and other foreign companies complain they are losing billions of dollars as their ideas and inventions are copied for sale within China and for export across the globe. Those losses undermine innovation and cost jobs here. Some forms of intellectual-property theft _ involving fake car parts, baby food and medicine _ can even cost lives, wherever they are sold

Update 2:

They are also claiming to have invented almost everything if their political forums are anything to go by. Here is an example a faked map "proving" China discovered America

Update 3:

el cid, you have proven that you are part of the massive modern Chinese fraud by defending the fake map. Take this example from many available.

"“The Confucius Institute Online is stealing China Expat’s content. That’s right, the Beijing-based institute with millions of dollars of resouces has been taking articles from, an upstart website with no revenue dedicated to promoting Chinese culture and tourism. They have been stealing original writing in its entirety and passing it off as their own original content. In total more than four dozen (!) of our articles appear on their site and I could only find one time that they gave us credit.”

Update 4:

el cid, the forged map paper was old but the ink was modern. The map is a fake and shows chinese ambition and dishonesty not history.

"However, there remain questions over the authenticity of Liu's map. The carbon dating was only for the paper, not for the ink, or for the time the ink was applied. "Experts cannot identify in which period the ink was put on the map," Liu admitted.

Other experts are less convinced. Geoff Wade, senior research fellow at the National University of Singapore, told China Daily that the map "was a litany of errors, many simplistic." For example, "The representation of China is poor. Why should Chinese cartographers have represented the lands with which they were so familiar so poorly?"

"I am convinced that this map is a 21st-century fake. It was certainly produced by someone educated in simplified characters, meaning since the founding of the People's Republic of China,

Update 6:

I posted a whole string of links from the BBC , Newsweek,Business Week even China Daily but all have been removed. All I can say is do your own research on the high level of corruption and history changing coming from China

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    Yes, just as the japanese did in the fifties. Look at them now.

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    You should research the facts better before you come up with silly questions like that. First, claiming that everyone is copying their products is what companies and countries do. Apple claim patent infringements by Microsoft, Microsoft hits back and claims infringement by Apple, Intel blames AMD, Boeing blames Airbus, etc., and you go on. Second, the actual amount of pirated goods that are imported into the west represents a miniscule proportion of the total import of Chinese-made goods by the countries of the west. The vast proportion of trade is of legitimate goods, often made under license or by companies that have located their factories in China. They have the names of the western companies firmly stamped on them - Fisher-Price, Kenwood, Stanley, Northface, etc. The pirated ones are often imported by individual US retailers who are trying to make a fast buck cheating their customers, offering their wares on the internet and street markets - such as DVDs and software. The Chinese govt does not condone such activities although it is impossible to stop them completely. Even in the west, we have not been able to stop pirated DVDs (often from other places such as Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.) being sold in markets, car boot sales, and even on the internet.

    As regards the inventions made by the Chinese, you should consult more reliable sources, such as Joseph Needham's magisterial tomes on science and technology in ancient China. Many of the claims are not baseless. For instance, did you know that even the humble wheel-barrow was invented by a Chinese general? Did you know that the secret of silk making was nicked from the Chinese by a Catholic monk?

    As for the discovery of America, it is a theory that is most actively pushed not by the Chinese, but by an English writer. It is a subject that can be proved or dis-proved by careful historical research and not by polemics. But if you look at some of the ancient ethnic people of N.E. China, you will find that they have totem poles and shamanic practices which you find among the native N. American Indians. It seems too much of a coincidence that both peoples developed completely separately.

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    Totem poles , fake maps and a wheel barrow, how funny

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    One thing they `won`t` copy.

    Peoples rights.

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