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急 ! 請幫我翻譯 ! 20點 !

這樣翻譯怪怪的,請問問題出在哪 ?

The performance of various setting of the well known sequence Stabat Mater in concert halls in Passion Week is commonly regarded as being quite natural, logical and topical. Those who are familiar with the liturgy and its use in Christian ritual, however, know it has a different place in the Church calendar. This sequence was originally performed on September 15 on the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, but later it was moved to the Friday following Passion Sunday, hence a week before Good Friday. We find the content of the Stabat Mater - a picture of a mother who loses her child but manages to come to terms with her painful lot through an invincible faith in God - particularly affecting in Passion Week.

知名序列Stabat Mater 的各種各樣的設置,表現在音樂廳裡,在復活節前第二週共同地被認為是相當自然, 邏輯和典型的。那些通曉儀式並且它的用途在基督徒儀式, 然而, 知道它有一個另外地方在教會日曆。這個序列最初執行在9月15 日在哀痛的我們的夫人宴餐, 但它以後被移動了向星期五跟隨激情星期天, 因此一個星期在耶穌受難節之前。我們發現Stabat Mater - 失去她的孩子但母親的圖片的內容設法與她痛苦的全部達成協議通過戰無不勝的信念在上帝- 特別影響在復活節前第二週

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    Well-known sequence Stabat Mater various establishment, displays in the music hall, in front of Easter the second week was considered together is the suitable nature, logic and the model.And these thoroughly understand the ceremony its use at the Christian ceremony, however, knew it has a other place in the church calendar.This sequence carries out at first in September 15 in sorrowful ours madame the feast meal, but it later moves followed to Friday fervor Sunday, therefore a week in front of Jesus good Friday.We discovered but Stabat Mater - loses her the child mother's picture content to try with her pain all to reach the agreement - to affect specially through the invincible faith in God in front of Easter the second week.

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    一般人都認為音樂廳在受難週安排關於有名的聖母悼歌表演是相當自然, 合乎邏輯和切於主題的。

    然而, 對於那些通曉儀典及基督教儀式所在的人,卻知道它在教會節曆中有著相當不同的意義。

    這樣的安排最初起源於為了紀念痛苦之母(聖母瑪利亞)而在9月15 日的表演;然之後卻被移到了復活節前一個星期天之後的週五,恰好就變成了耶穌受難節的前一週。

    我們發現到紀念痛苦之母的意含 ---- 一個失去了她的孩子但憑著對上帝的堅毅信仰而克服了種種痛苦的母親-在受難週中有著特別的影響。

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