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他是買東西嗎? 就當作是吧= =

跟店員說:Talk to my hand...那一段


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    版主要找電影魔鬼終結者3的歌曲 是下列這首配樂

    "Dat Funky Man"

    Words by Jonathan Mostow

    Music by Peter Beckett

    Performed by William Randolph III

    Produced by Peter Beckett for Right Hook Productions

    電影原聲帶裡面21首歌曲 沒有收錄此曲

    Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines [SOUNDTRACK]


    1. A Day In The Life

    2. Hooked On Multiphonics

    3. Blonde Behind The Wheel

    4. JC Theme

    5. Starting T1

    6. Hearse Rent A Car

    7. TX's Hot Tail

    8. Graveyard Shootout

    9. More Deep Thoughts

    10. Dual Terminator

    11. Kicked In The Can

    12. Magnetic Personality

    13. Termina-Tricks

    14. Flying Lessons

    15. What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?

    16. Terminator Tangle

    17. Radio

    18. T3

    19. The Terminator Tangle

    20. Open To Me

    21. I Told You

    Source(s): 就是這樣~~~~~~~是也~~~~~~~~
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