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any free secret of ways making money on internet?

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    well there are some ways

    but they might be not very quick but still quick enough

    heres one


    Things that you need to do only once

    First Get An Alertpay account from here ->

    Next register at these sites(register only at the following ptc sites as these are trusted.)

    You can register at one or two sites above (alertpay is must)

    But i would recmmend to join at all of em to make money faster

    Also All the sites listed above are trusted. and checked by me

    Now comes the real Thing

    Download these programs(these are Autoclickers to automate the clicking)

    A Brief Explanation of what we are doing And How we Are gonna make money.

    Ok now just to tell What we have been doing till now

    You see these sites pay you money for clicking ads

    But the thing is you have to click an ad wait at that ad for 30 seconds (there is a coutdown And u dnt necessarily need to watch the page just keep it open for 30 seconds)

    Then close it and click on next ad

    Also You have to click one ad at a time. only after the 30 seconds you have to click on next ad

    Now this is very less work for the money but still most of us dnt have time

    This is where the Above autoclicker software come in.

    Run these Autoclicker programs enter your username and password for respective sites

    And click on start

    Now you will know how many ads are there and how many the program has clicked

    Once it clicks all the ads available Then you can close the program or keep it running

    Steps You need to do daily to earn money

    All you have to do is run the program(Autoclickers) once in a day and click on start and thats it.

    PS. Clickx4coins doesnt has an autoclicker. But i still recmmend it cuz it pays more per ad. gives 3$ bonus

    And there Are Registration Ad.And wen wrking with clix4coins remmeber to click one ad at a time. and let the countdown finish then click next ad.

    If you have any problem you can contact me through email.

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    free secret ways making money internet

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    There are no secrets. No free money. Over 99% of those quick money plans are scams.

    1. SURVEYS - Your opinion is worth maybe a penny to a dime for each survey. You usually have to rack up $75 in "earnings" before they pay you anything.

    2. DATA ENTRY - Why pay Americans minimum wage of roughly $6 per hour when they can send the work to India for pennies an hour?

    3. STUFFING ENVELOPES - Automated machinery can do the work for a fraction of the cost of sending you the material and paying you minimum wage.

    4. REAL ESTATE - There is far more money to be made selling get rich quick schemes than in making from from the scheme. Why would someone bother to sell you a great plan instead of following the plan themself?

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    The online survey site I am a part of does not have any fees and registration is fee.

    It in fact does really pay as other users have proven so.

    I have already made $20 and I just started two days ago. Payment is a check that comes to you in the mail. :)

    Check it out at this blog or my profile for more information:

    If you have any questions or need help, feel free to ask me :)

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    Try this dude, its probably the best from the ones above. Its an affiliate system that is guaranteed to make you loads of money without actually spending any. This guy here wrote a guide on how to start earning.

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    There is no secret ways but you can try It's basically having an online mall where people shop online and you get a certain amount of the commissions.

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    Like mentioned, there are lots of GPT or Get Paid To sites out there that will pay you for completing surveys, joining websites and trying free products.

    My personal favorite is SWATCASH. They have high payouts and lots of bonus features too.

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    I can help you make some real good money on the internet staying at home.

    I cant really share much information on this forum. Contact me and i can help you set up the similar system that i am currently working on.


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    Develop websites.

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    You can start an online business with no upfront investment. Just check the source links below for some ideas

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