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What are the biggest tires I can fit on a 2003 F150 (Supercrew Lariat FX4)?

What are the biggest tires I can fit on a 2003 F150 (Supercrew Lariat FX4)? I am using the stock 17" fx4 wheels that came with the truck.

I am also putting a 3" Body lift kit from Here is the information on the lift kit: Part#: 70043 from website

I'll also be cranking the torsion bars up as far as they will go to give some extra room.

I want to get some BFG All Terrain tires, and was hoping to get a set of 37" tires on the truck with the modifications listed above. I've heard that the BFG 37" tires actually measure to be 35".

Here is a link to a guy that has an 03 f150 supercrew fx4 just like mine, and is supposedly using 37" tires.

Any information you can give would be greatly appreciated. I'm also NOT really willing to do any additional modifications other than what are listed above... with exception to maybe something small. Thanks for the help! =)

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    35" BFG's sound like a great option with that Lift Kit! and the Truck will Look Sick!

    PS: You don't have to have a 3" lift to stuff those 35" under the front, have you thought about a leveling kit?

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    2003 F150 Tire Size

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    I believe 285's are the widest you can go. Something like 285, 65, r17's would look nice. Your best bet is to hit up some truck sites and ask. Most of the time the full turn clearance is the limiting factor.

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    You also need to think about whats a more common size STANDARD tire size that shops like PeP Boys will have in stock without ordering.

    Stay with a standard size tire not a metric. Standards cost half as much.

    Use this tire calculator: - 14k -

    It will tell you your speed differences also

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