Does masturbation feel better than sex?

I was wondering if it did for a GUY. I mean I know about a girl, but I mean I thought that it would feel better to a guy to do it to themselves. Rather than a girl do it to them, or having sex.

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    This is a loaded question because everyone is generally going to have their own opinion about this. A lot of guys will say that sex "feels" better but usually they don't know why. In reality, you are usually doing the same thing whether you are masturbating or having sex (stimulating the penis) so they should feel the same (depending on which technique you use).

    Physically, it depends on the situation for me. Sometimes sex feels better, sometimes masturbation feels better. I think it's more of a mental thing more than anything else. The reason why sex "feels" better is probably because you have the experience of someone else being there with you at the time. You giving each other pleasure combined with the anticipation of actually having sex makes it seem better than just masturbating. But the physical sensations are really the same.

    I will say that guys are much better masturbating themselves than girls are at masturbating guys. I've had a couple of girls try to masturbate me before but it was much better when I did it. I have also had a male friend masturbate me a few times and he was much better than any of the girls. I think it's because girls don't really have that kind of experience with that. But, I'd much rather have sex than masturbate (most of the time) even though they both feel good. Every now and then I have the urge to just jerk off in private really quick and I don't feel like I need a girl for that, but that's not the majority of the time.

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    Masturbation Better Than Sex

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    Obviously masturbating will feel way better then sex at this age. (I'm not saying that as a condescending tone as I'm 18) You know what you're doing and you know what feels good and you're relaxed therefore you will feel better rather than having sex while the both of you are still inexperienced. The fact that you mentioned that he always tries to make things his way really pisses me off, he's being immature and selfish about this. Good on you for trying to guide him to what makes you feel better, I've only just started having the courage of telling my partner what to do (but he is a lot older 6 year difference so I'm sure this is normal during sex? I'm not sure, this is only my second sexual partner) Also, not being able to orgasm during sex, but orgasm during masturbation is also completely normal. I was having this conversation with the guy I'm with at the moment and he told me that most younger girls don't orgasm until they get a little older. He said it just starts happening at a certain point in time, who knows, but this is what he told me from what other girls have told him. Sounds like you and your boyfriend need a real talk though, not just during sex, as sex is an important part of a healthy relationship! Hope all goes well!

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    To each person it will be and feel different because of tactile senses and how you touch yourself, however, when you masturbate you are missing certain stimuli that make your orgasm more intense. The feeling of a woman underneath or on top of you moaning, panting and raking you with her nails, the feeling and sound of her butt smacking your belly, the smell of her sweat and pheromones are all things that cannot be replicated during self service. Yes, you CAN watch a porn flick while jerking it, but it most likely will not compare to a real woman under you.

    I have always c*m my hardest, loudest and in the most volume when my wife and I have sex VS self service.

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    I guess the problem is I know what I like when I masturbate, and if someone else like a girl tries they don't usually do it right or you have to keep telling them do this, stop that, etc.

    I think masturbation is great but I like sex alot too.

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    sex feels much better 1.kisses 2.touches .3pounding. 4.noise 5.two people sharing their nakedness these combinations of these is powerful than anything

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    About all you get out of masturbation is a climax and usually the whole process never lasts more than 5 minutes. Sex is over a much longer period and involves making your partner feel good, not just you. You get as much pleasure from her coming as you do from you reaching a climax. While having sex, you have these internal mini climaxes the culminate in an external ejaculation which is all you get in 5 minutes of masturbation. You can't compare sex and masturbation. Two different series of events.

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      Another person who cannot masturbate right. I can masturbate for hours without awkward transition between stimuli. Without the worrying about getting the other person off. Without the games the people play to get sex.
      All begging and pretending.

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    Sex is always enjoyed more than anything else.

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    It's not the same, but SEX is stil SEX wether it be by yourself or with someone else. But I like it when someone else mastubates me because I do get tired sometimes of going solo with my imagination.

    NOTHING replaces the REAL THING baby.

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