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Can someone please tell me all of the books Frances Hodgson Burnett has written?? URGENT. i need this by tom.!

i would greatly appriciate it. We had to do a report on her in Lit. class and i procrastinated; your help is appriciated GREATLY! thanks!!

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    Go to and type her name into the search engine. You'll get them all. You can also download them if you want for free. "The Lost Prince" is very good.

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    That Lass o' Lowrie's



    A Fair Barbarian

    Through One Administration

    Esmeralda [I think it was a play though, not a book]

    Little Lord Fauntleroy

    A Little Princess [Originally called Sara Crewe..?]

    The Lady of Quality

    The Secret Garden

    The Head of the House of Coombe

    The Lost Prince

    Those are the ones I know..or heard about before...

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