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I need to run another 4 miles tommrow for track but my legs are really sore from today. What can help it heal?

I am 15 years old and today was the second day of track practice. We have ran about 4-5 miles today and now my legs are really, really, really, very sore. You do not know how sore they are they are extremely sore. I haven't been running in a while though its just my second day. And now it hurts everytime i walk and go up stairs.

I need to heal by tommorow fast! so i can run another 4-5 miles and keep up with my team. What is the best way for me to heal my sore legs, sore toes, sore heels, about every muscle on my legs and feet fast?


i've even stretched after and before we ran

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    There is really nothing magic, but there are things that you can do to help your body to recover faster.

    First, stretch again tonight, but make sure your legs are warm when you do- don't stretch a cold muscle. Massage your legs: from your feet -up your calves and hamstrings to quads ---well if you can, and raise them above your heart. Kick back and watch TV or do your homework with your legs up. If you have any specific locations that you can ice for 15-20 min, that helps immensely. That's why pro football players take ice baths -- good for preventing inflamation.

    Also, make sure that you are drinking plenty of water all day and eating well all day- every day. Try to eat/drink something healthy with carbos and some protein within 20 min after a workout. Take vitamins: especially a multi vit, and lots of Vit C.

    If you have any problems or questions, tell your coach. He or she should be training you well and not breaking you down. You don't want to get injured because you are doing too much too fast.

    Tomorrow morning walk and stretch again, and if you have time massage and ice. Some people take an anti-inflamitories (like Motrin) but only under your parents and coaches supervision.

    Good Luck!

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    If you haven't run in a long time, this sounds like a bit of a tall order. If you're really pushing yourself, try to ease off a little bit during the next couple of workouts. Don't slack, but don't push too hard. If it's really bad, you might just need to take a day off and maybe consult your team's trainer. A good idea is to use a little Icy Hot on the worst areas right before you run, get some heat and blood flowing to the muscles. Make sure your properly outfitted as well. Running without enough layers on your legs leaves them open to cool passing air which makes them tighter faster.

    Once you're done running, drink a protein shake at night, mix some bananas and milk in there. That will help your body repair itself from the damage you cause when you train. A hot bath followed by some ice should be ok. It's a good idea to work through the pain though. Working through it can help your muscles adapt and build up some endurance. Resting too much will just make things worse the next time you get back out there.

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    My advice would be: do *not* run tomorrow! Indeed, if you just started, you shouldn't run 4-5 miles two days in a row.

    If you must run tomorrow, don't go for the training with your team, but instead take a very, very leisurely run. Nothing to heal your muscles better than a slow run.

    If you really must join your team tomorrow... Well, there isn't a good, fast way to heal from sore muscles. A nice massage would be best. The hot bath may help, but take care: warmth may "mask" the soreness of your muscles, and it is easy to get injured if you don't feel the warnings that your muscles are trying to send you.

    Good luck!

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    yeah rest. Go slow tomorrow. Eventually you will get to the point where you can run everyday without too much discomfort.

    But...I'm pretty sure...for super sore muscles you should take ice baths, not hot baths. (ack)

    But unless you are getting paid millions of dollars a year to be a professional athlete...forget those ice baths.

    Take a hot shower (cuz it feels good), stretch, get some sleep and rest.

    And if it is really bad tomorrow, tell your coach you may need to take a day off.

    If you keep it up you will get to the point where you can do this every day. Your coach should know this.

    awesome...keep it up

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    The best idea is to ice bath for 11 minutes followed by a long warm shower. This will help repair the muscles. You can do this after hard practices, but don't over do it and go for more than 13 minutes.

    Source(s): I run track myself and I ice bath.
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    stretch some, then take a warm bath, and soak for a while that should help, don't use ice because that will just make your muscles tense up, the warm water will help to loosen them and make them less sore.

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    stretch, then get in a hot bath and stretch in there too. Use the muscles or they will just continue to tighten.

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    you have to should have started out slowly, like build it up to the 4-5 miles by the time your track started...maybe a warm bath?

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    7-10 days rest

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    They are all correct.

    Take a HOT bath and right after you get out, stretch. You want your muscles to loosen up, so you get them hot, and them stretch em out.

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