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Is Stephen Colbert still a Sunday School teacher?

If so, what church is that? I saw a NPR interview out of character where he said when he first moved to New York, his comedy friends thought he was crazy for attending Mass every week. Then he said he doesn't agree with the Vatican on everything but is a committed Catholic. I heard him say this on his show but I thought it was just part of his character or something. The most interesting part to me was that he said he teaches the sunday school class at his parish. This was a couple years ago so I don't know if he still does this but how funny do you think his renditions of those old Bible stories must be?

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    So someone can not have a certain religion yet have individual thoughts as well? I do not understand the question at all, or what teaching Sunday school has to do with having individual thought? Does one have to follow all the tennants exactly?

    Here is an excerpt from a interview he gave Campus Progress.

    CP: You do “This Week in God.” Which is one of our favorite segments. You’re from a South Carolinian religious family and you are a church-goer yourself. Why did you choose to focus so heavily on religion right now?

    SC: We used to do This Week in God only once a month, but if there was room on the show we could do it every week! There is so much religion in public life. It has become acceptable for court decisions to be based on the Gospel. There’s so much religion in public life. It’s a religious pandemic. It’s everywhere. It’s not a needle in a haystack. We throw away stories every week. I know we’re not a secular state like France which has it in their constitution, but boy I wish our founding fathers had been at little clearer in that First Amendment.

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    Stephen Colbert Sunday School

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    I know he grew up Catholic, and I'm sure he still is. I would love to have him as a Sunday School teacher-but then I'm totally in love with him:p

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