What is Thailands time zone like?

I am doing a project on Thailand.....

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    Thailand is GMT +7. Thailand does not have daylight savings time. Now the sun raises about 6:30 am and sets about 6:30 pm give a take a few minutes either way.

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    It's like .. seven hours ahead of GMT. So when it's 12noon in London it is 7pm the same evening in Bangkok, Thailand. Thailand only has one time zone for the entire Kingdom.

    Source(s): Living and working in Thailand.
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    1 decade ago

    That answer is the correct one GMT +7, We are 7 hours ahead of London, 12 hours ahead of the Eastern Seaboard of the US, 15 hours ahead of the Western Seaboard. We are also 4 hours behind Sydney Australia, and 1 hour behind Manila, Philippines.

    Sunrise today was 6:45 and sunset tonight will be 6:20. As the Thai winter will transition into summer before long, the days will get longer as well. In a week or two, sunrise will be 6:43 and sunset will be 6:22. In terms of sunrise and sunset, as many people here (especially in the Muslim south) it is highly important to have the precise times for sunrise and sunset.

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    lala, are u gonna take me on a trip to thailand if i answer this one?????

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