Words with 5-7 letters that end in N?

Odd question i know but i need to know words with 5-7 letters that end in N, adjectives preferably but all words are fine

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    There are a HUGE number of them!! If you want JUST adjectives I'm afraid you may have to wade through these lists.

    At morewords.com there are:

    971 7-letter words

    813 6-letter words

    366 5-letter words

    (I assume that nyoypais found his 277-word list of 5-letter words at a similar site.)

    If you want to see ALL of these, you can run three searches from the morewords home page, as follows:

    1) Go to the home page


    2) Enter the following in the search box, and hit enter:


    (each "-" stands for ONE letter; it can be anything)

    This will return the 971-word list

    3) Hit the "New Search" link to go back to the home page... and enter your next search, then do the same for the third



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    You need a reverse dictionary. Here is one: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/ Enter the last 3 letters and click "ends with"

    I did so with "een" and "den", see http://www.thefreedictionary.com/e/een and http://www.thefreedictionary.com/e/den

    Matching your criteria (among many more):

    queen, green, between, fleen, screen, laden, ridden, wooden

    A puzzle dictionary might be even better. This one is good:


    You need to provide at least two letters and asterisks for unknown letters. ***en was answered with this list:

    admen alien arpen ashen aspen axmen coden copen coven cozen daven dawen dizen doven doyen dozen eaten given green haven hosen hymen laden laten leben liken limen linen liven loden lumen maven mizen nomen numen oaken oaten often olden owsen paten preen queen raven ripen risen riven rouen roven rowen rumen semen seven sheen siren skeen syren taken token treen tween unpen vimen vixen waken waxen wheen widen wizen woken women woven yamen zazen

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    Indian (proper adjective)

    Hessian (lots of names of people groups like Russian, German, Mexican, et cetera).



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    listen, glisten, given, chosen, frozen, deepen- i am giving dofferent words for different point values, hope this helps! :)

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    acorn actin adman admen adorn again alien align apian apron argon arson ashen aspen atman auxin avian avion axion axman axmen bacon bairn baron basin baton began begin begun bison blown boron boson bosun brain brawn brown bruin burin cabin cairn cajon canon capon chain churn clean clown coden codon colon coven cozen croon crown cumin deign demon devon divan djinn doyen dozen drain drawn drown eaten elfin eosin fagin fanon feign felon flown frown futon gamin given glean gluon gnawn grain green groan groin grown haven heron hogan human hymen hyson inion japan kinin known laden lapin laten learn lemon levin liken linen liven lumen macon mason matin maven mavin mayan melon meson mizen moron mourn mucin nylon oaken oaten ocean odeon often olden onion opsin organ paean paeon pagan pecan plain prawn preen prion purin queen radon ramen ratan raven rayon redan reign reman renin repin reran rerun resin rewan rewin rewon ricin ripen risen riven robin roman rosin rouen roven rowan rowen rumen rutin sabin salon saran sarin sasin satin savin scion scorn sedan semen seven sheen shorn shown siren skein slain solan solon spawn spoon spurn stain stein stern swain swoon sworn taken takin talon taxon tenon thorn titan token toxin train treen twain union unman unpen unpin urban vegan venin vixen wagon waken waxen widen wizen woken woman women woven xenon yearn

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    loosen, taken, cannon, station

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