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Is this a good skateboard for a beginner?

Hey, I'm interested In skateboarding and havn't asked my parents yet but I'm sure they'll buy me it if its under like 40 dollars. Is this good for a beginner board? If I really hate skateboarding I could just get a pro board but Is this good for now?

Its 31 inch in lenght and 8 inch wide. At least I think it is

It has ABCE 3 bearings, which I think might suck because the best bearings are ABCE 7.

The wheels are 50 mm which is good I guess cause I'm going to street skate and I don't know any skate boards or ramps in my area. But I wish I could have found a 51 or 52mm

And its 25 dollars, heres a pic.

If it sucks, whats wrong with it? How can it be improved

no, I'm not getting a real board from a skate shop so

don't say that. I just want to see if I like skateboarding.

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    Boards from target,wal-mart and other places are rideable, but the bearings dont spin as fast as the " pro " boards. You can just start out cruising with that board around. But later on, you may want to do tricks. I wouldnt reccommed doing tricks on a target board because a " pro " board has a diffrent feel to it. BTW: There is really no BEST ABEC numbers. It is all about preference.

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    ok first of Red's bearings aree the best by far. Anyway a big mistake i made in my life is buying a pro board immediately. A lot of people do not stick wiht skateboarding so i suggest this one.

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    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i got a world industries board for 50 bucks. if you did get it say it was $110 AND KEEP A STRAIGHT FACE!!!!!

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