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What does the phrase Lost In Translation mean?

I am NOT referring to the movie. I am speaking more in the general sense or even using this phrase in conversation. What does it mean?


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    1 decade ago
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    Its when they translate something and the original meaning can not be perfectly translated word for into the other language. So they have to rephrase or say what they mean in a different way.

    Example: おげんきですか? (literal translation >> How is your health, are you healthy?) This is something you don't just ask someone in English, you just say "How are you?"

    Example: Tienes ambre? (literal translation >> You have hunger) You wouldn't ask someone if they have hunger, you ask 'Are you hungry?'

    Simple little things like that.

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    Lost In Translation Meaning

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    4 years ago

    What Does Translation Mean

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    "lost in translation" is a phrase that describes the failure to get the original and full implications of something communicated to someone .... across to them.... This is usually because of a circumstance of differences between the individual making the statements and the one(s) receiving them... that does not allow the intended meaning to "come across" ... as intended. ☼ ////

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, literally, it means when somebody is trying to translate an idea from one language (say English) to another (say Spanish), and the target languge doesn't have the same idea as the original language, the meaning is completely lost, even in a word-for-word translation.


    Bob: Man, Jake is a studmuffin.

    Juan: Friend, what is a studmuffin.

    Bob: Well, let me think.

    After trying to explain and translate the word "studmuffin" to Juan, Bob realizes that there is no real good way to get the meaning across, without losing the meaning or being completely understood in the first place.

    You could say that the word "studmuffin" was lost in translation.

    In everyday conversation, it means somebody failed to get their point across and that person gave up trying.

  • 7 years ago

    so for excample someone was talking in a nother way and then somone tells you what it means

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    I was interested to know this as well

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