What is the fear of drinking? (NOT ALCOHOL)?

My friend has a fear of drinking. It's not fear of drinking alcohol, that's dipsophobia... it's everything liquid that I'm looking for... water, juice, milk, everything... my friend has trouble getting the liquid down every day and has just recently been told she actually has a fear of it. She wants to know the name of it and I'm curious to so I'm looking for it. We were just wondering if there was a name for it. Please can someone help?


been doing a bit more research... it might be dipsophobia, could someone please find out if it is or not?

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    it's hydrophobia.

    btw, has your friend been bit by a wild animal recently?

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    My father has this (whatever it's called). He's 78 yrs. old and has been dehydrating himself for about 6 yrs. now. It must be extremely rare because I haven't been able to find a name for it either. Although not a doctor, I'm highly educated and intelligent, and after dealing with him for 5 yrs. as his full-time caretaker after a stroke brought on by his dehydrating himself, I have come to the conclusion from all the research I've done that it is some extreme form of self-mutilation. The dehydraton causes him to become constipated and has led to kidney stones along with constant pain from his kidneys, disorientation, paranoia, and... the more dedryated he gets when he's in 'dehydration mode', the more he refuses to drink and his mind tries to replace the overwhelming urge his body has for fluids by trying to consume large amounts of more solid foods. By this I mean practically 'drinking' meats by not even chewing and just 'woofing' down huge chunks of meat trying to satisfy his body's need for fluids, but not having the mental capacity to discern exactly what he's consuming. It's been a trying time, but after I had spent over a year taking him to the hospital once or twice a week for IV's, and constantly hounding his GP for help, the GP finally told him he was going to put him in the psychiatric ward for a mandatory 2 weeks observation. He immediately started drinking fluids, and this lasted for about 4 months. All his disorientation, loss of motor control, and paranoia subsided. He then started cutting back on fluids again until he got disoriented again, and I told him we would have to take him back to the doctor again, so he started drinking again. I have been able to keep him drinking fluids 'semi'-regularly now for about the past 2 yrs., but if there is a psychiatrist out there that can tell me what this is, and how to treat it, I'd really like to know.

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    this is a question for the medical community. Not a question for coffeeholics and teaholics. I would post this question in the Health category. It's a very interesting phobia though. I wonder how she deals with it.

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    Dipsophobia- Fear of drinking.... it does not specify what kind of liquid

    Methyphobia- Fear of alcohol... does not specify if rubbing or drinking alcohol


    Hydrophobia- Fear of water or of rabies... if not specific to water, I'd think this is not it.

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