Is Chile the skinniest country in the world?

How did it get so narrow? Do they even bother building roads that go east and west?

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    That depends on your definition of skinniness; Chile is 430 km wide at its widest point, more than wide enough to require roads from east to west. At 4630 km from north to south, Chile is over ten times at "long" as it is "wide." But The Gambia is another very narrow country; it is only 48 km at its widest (north to south), much narrower than Chile. But it is also much smaller all around; at only about 350 km from east to west, the proportions are not as extreme as those of Chile.

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    The shape of the country is largely due to the Andes Mountains which separate it from the eastern part of the southern cone of South America. Even today, those mountains have few crossings. Chile was settled by Europeans who came by sea to the west coast rather than by land across the mountains. (The indigenous peoples arrived from the north). Some of the length of the country is due to a war with Bolivia which extended Chile northwards and deprived Bolivia of any outlet to the Pacific.

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    Yes it is the skinniest in proportion to its length.

    They do have East West road, but they go to Argentina.

    It got that Skinny when the Spanish came and pushed the native Chileans beyond the mountains. The Spaniards would have wiped them out completey if it weren't for General Santiago being offered a ceremonial CodCod by the native's daughter. He then fell in love and married her. He named the country after his little brother, Chile Santiago.

    (So in reality, I don't know)

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    "long and narrow countries" include Chile, Vietnam, Norway and Gambia

    Mountains make fairly effective barriers as well as "convenient" markers for boundaries.

    Chile is over 4300 km (2700miles) long and is never more than 240km (150miles) wide, averages 100 miles wide

    there would be roads crossing the Andes for communication, travel and trade with Bolivia and Argentina

    Norway is (if I am reading the materials correctly in the Statistics Norway site) 1791.9 km north to south, and at narrowest is 1.6 km wide, and widest is 431.7km wide

    Vietnam and Gambia have been noted by other answerers.

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  • I've been to Santiago & Concepcion (a beautiful City on the Ocean) and I can assure you they do have E-W roads.

    But to answer your Q -- Yes - I'm sure that Chile's Height/Width ratio is the least-Wide in the World.

    Birgit - Did you know that since 1817(?), there has been extreme animosity from both Bolivia & Argentina -- Because that where Chile is NOW - Use to be their own coastline, with advantages of having port cities on the Pacific. Somehow, Chile broke away from Spanish rule and took that area away from Bolivia & Argentina (am I talking in-circles, now?)

    What made them different from the Bolivians & Argentinians <sigh>, I'm not sure -- but... there it is!!


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    Viet Nam is only 50 km wide at its narrowest.

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    It is skinny as you put it but other small countries like monaco or lichenstein are narrower but much smaller. So you decide.

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    no it is not

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