Gas, Electric, or Hot water on demand? ($ hot water heater $)? more....?

I got a gas hot water heater and I recently heard that Columbia Gas of Ohio is seeking to get a 'across the board' flat rate increase on distributing charges. I didn`t think this was at all fair since I am single and use very little hot water in the summer months. It looks like more corporate welfare. Im considering closing the gas account off in the summer months and/or using a electric or hot water on demand system....Any suggestions on which is more cost effective?

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    1 decade ago
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    tankless heater and vote democrat so you will be protected from corperate thieves

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    Even with the price increase, Gas is still cheaper to heat the water than electric.

    The gas Co will charge you " account reactivation fees" that more than likely will equal or exceed the flat fee you would have paid.

    Switching over to electric will cost ~$1000+ for a standard heater - need a plumber & Electrician (to run an expensive 240v circuit, that your box may not have space for!). Add at least $500 more for an On Demand.

    It bites, but so does $3.25/gal gas.

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    If that is the purely challenge, call a plumber and ask how a lot to position in a clean gas water heater. Then have it put in even if you should make stronger the cost with the help of $1000. it truly is a small quantity at the same time as thinking a 20 years personal loan and it then is blanketed interior the personal loan. pass to between the vast field shops and price gas heaters, they don't seem that intense priced. i think the placement the following is the problem with the seller having to administration the placement or you doing it.

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    I have an electric water heater and I am going to replace it with the hot water on demand system... everything I read says that they are more energy efficient.

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