Does anyone know anything about a Dr. Aims C. McGuinness?

He was my great grandfather and I know he did a lot of important stuff with childrens medicines, but i want to know if anyone else has heard of him.

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    I see where Aims McGuinness married Susan Norton August 1, 1965 in Maine.

    New York Passenger List has 1820-1957


    Aims McGuinness born about 1905 arriving 3 times

    September 15 1928, departed Port of Southhampton England

    October 29, 1913 departed Port of Southhampton England

    again September 15, 1928 departed Port of Rotterdam Netherlands.

    He is in Who's Who in America born 1905

    38th edition 1974-1975,

    39th edition 1976-1977

    40th edition 1978-1979

    41st edition 1980-1981

    42nd edition 1982-1983

    43rd edition 1984-1985

    44th edition 1986-1987

    45th edition 1988-1989

    Who's Who World Second Edition

    Who's Who World Fifth Edition

    Who's Who World Sixth Edition

    Who's Who World Seventh Edition

    Dr. Aims Chamberlain McGuinness, Jr born 1940

    Who's Who in America

    56th edition 2002

    57th edition 2003

    58th edition 2004

    Maybe you should trace your ancestry. Anytime you wish to do this there are lots of good people on this board that will be happy to give you some great tips and ideas. Just ask. Looks like you have a great grandfather, of whom you have every right to be proud.

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  • 6 years ago

    This has been awhile Elisabeth, but I just saw it! Susan Norton is Aunt Susie and she is married to Uncle Bro, who is Aims McGuinness, but also the son of Dr. Aims C McGuinness- hence the confusion in names and dates. Thought I should clear this up here in case anyone else is searching out the family tree. My Grandfather, your Great-Grandfather Dr. Aims c McGuinness was born 1905.

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  • Maus
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    I would say only people who knew him or were treated by him had heard of him. Is this him?

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