Why the capitals of Usa aren't related whith the main city of the state?

I imagine that it's because each state wants to poblate territories, and thist way having less popultaion in the big cities.

My doubt is when did this started?, and if it what aprobed by the federal gouberment.

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    While Quizzard is correct that the population centers of states change over time, a more common reason is that many states choose centrally located capital cities, while their major cities can be found near the edge of the state.

    Illinois, for instance, went with centrally located Springfield, instead of Chicago. Michigan went with centrally located Lansing, instead of Detroit. Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin, all follow that pattern.

    The Federal government has nothing to do with the selection of state capitals.

    Here is a list of states whose capital city is not the same as their largest city

    State - Capital - Largest City

    Alabama Montgomery Birmingham

    Alaska Juneau Anchorage

    California Sacramento Los Angeles

    Connecticut Hartford Bridgeport

    Delaware Dover Wilmington

    Florida Tallahassee Jacksonville

    Illinois Springfield Chicago

    Kansas Topeka Wichita

    Kentucky Frankfort Lexington

    Louisiana Baton Rouge New Orleans

    Maine Augusta Portland

    Maryland Annapolis Baltimore

    Michigan Lansing Detroit

    Minnesota St. Paul Minneapolis

    Missouri Jefferson City Kansas City

    Montana Helena Billings

    Nebraska Lincoln Omaha

    Nevada Carson City Las Vegas

    New Hampshire Concord Manchester

    New Jersey Trenton Newark

    New Mexico Santa Fe Albuquerque

    New York Albany New York City

    North Carolina Raleigh Charlotte

    North Dakota Bismarck Fargo

    Oregon Salem Portland

    Pennsylvania Harrisburg Philadelphia

    South Dakota Pierre Sioux Falls

    Tennessee Nashville Memphis

    Texas Austin Houston

    Vermont Montpelier Burlington

    Virginia Richmond Virginia Beach

    Washington Olympia Seattle

    Wisconsin Madison Milwaukee

  • State capitals were established historically in (generally) the largest and most important cities of the time. However, in a new and growing country, the situation changes for a multitude of mainly economic reasons, so that at some point, other more desirable cities became larger.

    So while it seems that Albany, New York is an odd choice for capital, in truth it was the main population center in the 1700s.

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    The "capitol" city is Helena, interior the middle area of the state. that's a alluring city that sits top up against the mountains. The state capitol became renovated a pair years back and curiously remarkable. you are able to desire to go and take a pair of days for a visit.

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    To add to the first answer and get to the second part of your question. For the largest part of their decisions, the federal government has no say in what the state governments do.

    The states do not need the approval of the federal government to set or change the location of their state capitol. It is called "State's Rights".

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