Why do Indian Burial Grounds get blamed for most hauntings???

I have come across so many people saying that their house was built on an Indian Burial ground, just insisting on this. I am one who will go the extra mile to do actual research on the grounds, home & all previous owners I can actually trace.

Haven't the Indians been thru enough without blaming the dead?


Indians had many different ways of burying their dead. Sometimes each tribe had several forms of burial. The most common modes were the placing of the dead in pits, graves, or holes in the ground; in stone caskets; in mounds; and under or in cabins, wigwams, houses, lodges, and in caves.

Among the Chippewa, Sioux, Silsika, Mandan, Gro Ventre, Arapaho, and others the dead person was placed on a scaffold or in a tree. in the Northwest the deceased was put in a canoe and the canoe placed on posts or in the forks of trees.

Some tribes of the South wrapped the corpse in a cane matting and put it in a reed coffin and buried it in the ground. others mummified or embalmed the corpse before burial. Cremation was observed by some Pacific Coast tribes. The Creek and Seminole buried their dead in a circular pit in a sitting position, and the Mohawk made a large round hole and placed the body in it in a squatting position.

Update 2:

Not all deaths were of rage. Not all tribes were vicious. Most were a peacefull people.

Did they have hostility, yes.

If we look back in time, how many cemetarys were desecrated, headstones removed so they could build houses, subdivisions, malls, commercial buildings, ect.

Update 3:

Krennao, you are not understanding my question.

I constantly read & study the paranormal, thank you. My eyes are open to the subject.

Maybe if yours were as well, you would understand what I just asked. ;-)

Update 4:

Well what is your version of the story?

Tell me & I will check it with an descendent.

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    >First off, PSI, I am 1/2 Cherokee Indian, not 1/2 Cherokee native American. Enough with this politically correct B.S. The blame comes from stupid people thinking everything Indian was "mystical". It comes from this New Age junk running rampant in society. I would like to point out to those , including PSI that you do not lump all the tribes into one nice neat little package called Native Americans. We all had nations. Mine was called the Cherokee Nation. We did not all speak the same language, we did not all look the same, we did not all practice the same rituals and did not believe the same religions. And you know what, some of us even lived in covered houses long before any other nationalities came to this continent! Dont try to make yourself feel good by trying to point out some B.S. feel good notion and trying to inform someone of something you probably know very little about besides what you read on the internet. There are certain areas that are very much considered spiritual and holy, but lets face it folks, not every place we walked upon was some kind of mystical holy ground. Right now, I live near the Utes, the Navaho, and the Arapaho INDIANS and each considers itself a seperate nation. Each is a unique people, not a lumped together Native American homoginized blend for some feel good liberal idea! Yeah, I already know your going to report my answer, you always do.

    Edit: To everyone who wants to use the PC term, Native American, stop, its not flattering and its only wanted by those who seem to think everyone should have their homoginous identity.

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    Indian Burial Grounds

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    My school was built on an Indian buriul ground. It wasn't haunted, but I enjoyed watching the superstitions kids make fools of themselves.

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    The city of Port Angeles Washington just had their close encounter of the Indian Burial Ground for real. Development of our city up rooted 500 year old bones and articles belonging to the Tribe who lived here long ago. Now the Government has allowed these developers to did the whole place up...poor grampa. If he only knew we'd dig him up and display his body. Ma by he would not appreciate it, I know I surly don't. But there is nothing to change progress.

    Source(s): living on one for real
  • 6 years ago

    Probably the same as any other burial sites or grave yards or cemeteries .... Its Taboo to forget sacredness of anyone's ancestors. No Matter the Culture. Just Common Sense.

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    i don t know much about the Indian burial ground, but I do know that I have shadow figures haunting my house. I asked the leasing office if something bad happened in my apartment, and they said they couldn t disclose that information to me. This public housing projects was built in 1972, by Lyndon B. Johnson. I don t know what to do. How do I find out if something bad happened where I lived? My daughter is afraid of her closet and we keep a rosary on her closet door. A priest blessed my house twice, but they are still here. No joke.

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    Its all about locations , and that is just a handful, you should read more on the paranormal to know that not all haunting are because of a Burial Ground. Many ships, Air Craft carriers, Forts, Homes, Schools, and Motels, and I can go on, that have nothing to do with a Indian burial ground.

    So read more on the subject and broaden your views.

    To add to that out of all my investigations, I have only been to one place that was haunted due to an Indian Burial Ground, The Bell Witch Cave , in TN< however printed story does not mention the real reason behind it.

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    1 decade ago

    Considering the amount of time the Indians have inhabited America, and the unknown number of tribes that have existed since the first Native set foot upon same;

    It would be rather difficult to NOT live in a place that doesn't have some human remains some where.

    The Kennewick Man, died alone after an attack, for lack of a better term, he was 'buried' upon a site close to a river. No native was aware that he was even there, several thousand years later.

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    Come on people, there are no real ghosts haunting and such. The people that think they see spirits is from the spirit they have just drank. People make money off this kind of crap, such as fortune teller frauds so called mediums ghost hunters and big foot believers, The spirit world is as real as the tooth fairy sand man and Santa. The creepy clubs that promote the truck stops on a desert road side is just a money scam. I personally have never seen a ghost, but I have seen a lot of UFO's LOL

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