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What state has the highest % of legal gun owners based on population?

Then which ones would be second and third?


Please be sure of your facts. I know of some states that have less then one million in their population and tons and tons of gun owners. Like the state I am from.

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  • john r
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    Wyoming (59.7%), Alaska (57.8%), Montana (57.7%). Please see first attached article.

    I have also attached an article listing the most violent states (and of course, D.C.). The top three there are D.C. (1.370 violent crimes/year/person), South Carolina (.774) and Florida (.696).

    You will notice that according to these lists, gun ownership does not equate to violent crime. Quite the contracry. D.C. has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, yets its violent crime rate is nearly double that of the next-highest state.

    Additionally, the state with the most guns per capita (Wyoming) is #45 of the list of most violent states.

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    I agree with John R findings. But take a look at Wyoming, Montana and Alaska’s percentage of respondents, all about 40% the lowest of all the states.

    Why? I can tell you; many of the gun owners in those states do not trust such surveys nor Uncle Sam. When they did a survey of gun ownership in my area, many locals denied they owned guns at all. And yet our state ranked one of the highest percentages of gun ownership. The locals were spooked by the two ladies going door to door asking about all sorts of personal information, including; do you have a weapon for protection? What type of weapon is it? Where do you keep it? How many weapons do you have? Are they locked up? How much ammunition do you keep on hand? Oh you reload? Well then how much reloading components do you keep on hand? Do you hunt? Do you carry a gun outside the home? Etc etc. Took one local 2 hours to answer all the questions!

    When they came to our door the wife told them to leave. We feel strongly that this is an invasion of privacy! Censes Bureau badge or not; bye bye!

    So if you don’t count the seasonal “residents” in Alaska I would say about 70% own a firearm here.


    Mark Tawin wrote once; “There are three kinds of lies: lies, dam--ned lies, and statistics.”

  • Anonymous
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    Continuing on what John R is saying, Switzerland is a really good example of gun ownership and crimes. Pretty much every household has a Sig 550 or P226 because every male of age has to serve in the military at least part time. Every household also has a box of 50 rounds of ammo that they cannot open until a national emergency. Not only does everyone have a gun, they have proper training to use their guns.

    Not surprisingly, Switzerland has very low violent crime rates.

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    I realize that state wide, Nebraska does not rank very high, but in rural areas, there is more than one gun per person, man woman and child. There is nearly 0 violent crime in rural Nebraska. There is barely any law enforcement here, but the locals solve there own problems.

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  • Anonymous
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    Idon'r know about states but I'll bet my family has more guns put together than California .

    (no: of guns in family)



    Uncles---- 400


    Cousins---- 550


    brothers---- 40

    sisters------- 19


    others--- 600

  • R W
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    Texas...then NY and Va.

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